University of Calgary

Mindi Summers

  • Instructor
  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Research interests

My research focuses on student learning and undergraduate research experiences in invertebrate diversity, evolution, and systematics.

Selected publications

Google scholar

Summers MM, Messing CG, & Rouse GW. 2017. The genera and species of Comatulidae (Comatulida: Crinoidea): taxonomic revisions and a molecular and morphological guide. Zootaxa 4268: 151-190.

Trenckmann E, Smith MK, Pelletreau KN, & Summers MM. 2017. An active­learning lesson that targets student understanding of population growth in ecology. CourseSource.

Rouse GW, Lanterbecq D, Summers MM, & Eeckhaut I. 2015. Four new species of Mesomyzostoma (Myzostomida, Annelida). Journal of Natural History. 50: 1-23.

Summers MM, Pleijel F, & Rouse GW. 2015. Whale falls, multiple colinisations of the deep, and the phylogeny of Hesionidae (Annelida). Invertebrate Systematics. 29: 105-123.

Summers MM & Rouse GW. 2014. Phylogeny of Myzostomida (Annelida) and their relationships with echinoderm hosts. BMC Evolutionary Biology 14: 170.

Summers MM, Couch B, Knight J, Brownell S, Crowe A, Semsar K, Wright C, & Smith MK. 2018. EcoEvo-MAPS: a tool to assess student learning in ecology and evolution through the undergraduate major. CBE-Life Sciences. 17: 1-12.

Smith MK, Toth ES, Borges K, Dastoor F, Johnston J, Jones EH, Nelson PR, Page J, Pelletreau K, Prentiss N, Roe JL, Staples J, Summers M, Trenckmann E, & Vinson E. 2018. Using place-based economically relevant organisms to improve student understanding of the roles of carbon dioxide, sunlight, and nutrients in photosynthetic organisms. CourseSource. 

Summers MM, Messing CG, & Rouse GW. 2014. Phylogeny of Comatulidae (Echinodermata: Crinoidea: Comatulida). Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution 80:319-339.

Summers MM, Al-Hakim I, & Rouse GW. 2014. Turbo-taxonomy: 21 new species of Myzostomida (Annelida). Zootaxa. 3873: 301-344.

Summers MM, Katz S, Allen EE, & Rouse GW. 2013. Association of rhizobia with a marine polychaete. Environmental Microbiology Reports 5: 492-498.

Payne JL, Summers M, Rego BL, Altiner D, Wei J, Yu M, & Lehrmann DJ. 2011. Early and Middle Triassic trends in diversity, evenness, and size of foraminifers on a carbonate platform in south China: implications for tempo and mode of biotic recovery from the end-Permian mass extinction. Paleobiology 37: 409-425.

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