University of Calgary

Samira Siahrostami

  • Assistant Professor
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Theoretical Chemistry


Dr. Samira Siahrostami joined the Department of Chemistry at University of Calgary as an Assistant Professor in October 2018. Prior to joining University of Calgary, Samira was a Research Engineer (2016-2018) and  a postdoctoral researcher (2014-2016) at the SUNCAT Center for Interface Science and Catalysis, Department of Chemical Engineering in Stanford University. She received her PhD in Physical Chemistry from Shiraz University, Iran in 2011 and worked as postdoctoral researcher (2011-2013) at the Center for Atomic-scale Material Design (CAMd) at the Technical University of Denmark. Dr. Siahrostami holds several U.S. and European patents and has published more than fifty publications in peer reviewed journals.

Catalysis for Sustainable Energy

Dr. Siahrostami’s interests are in the area of catalysis for application in clean energy technologies including fuel cells, electrolyzers and batteries, which will all be important components of a sustainable energy economy. The overall objective of her research program is to use computational framework to gain atomic scale understanding of the frontiers of existing catalyst materials toward reactions of importance for clean energy processes and ultimately designing more efficient catalysts for energy conversion and chemical production.


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Research Group

Dr. Siahrostami’s research group is looking for enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate students interested in atomic scale modeling of the reactions at catalyst surfaces. Experience with atomistic simulation packages such as VASP and Quantum Espresso is preferred. Interested applicants please send your CV, transcripts, and contact information for two references to Postdoctoral researchers eligible for external funding are welcome to contact the PI for opportunities.

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