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Stefania Bertazzon

  • Professor
  • +1 (403) 220-7355


Prior to joining the Department of Geography I worked in the financial and retail sectors. I held contracts with the private industry and research institutes, and participated in several European Union funded projects. I held teaching appointments ith Italy and Germany.

Research Focus

My research focuses on health geography. My work on environmental and socioeconomic determinants of health includes land use regression (LUR) models to estimate air pollution at fine spatial scale, models of ocean pollution and maritime activities, and analyses of the association of health, socio-economic status, and the built environment. I collaborate on a variety of health research projects, contributing to address questions of location, accessibility, and the spatial determinants of health. My research in GIS and spatial statistical analysis helps to increase the reliability of spatial models.

Selected Current Projects

Spatial analysis of air pollution, active transportation, and schools

Spatial and local dynamics of COVID-19 transmission

Interested students with appropriate spatial statistics background please send me an email with reference "Spatial Analysis"

Research Team

Isabelle Couloigner, Research Associate

Caitlin Calder-Bellamy, Summer Student

Mojgan Mirzaei, PhD graduate

Rizwan Shahid, Collaborator

Research Groups

Geospatial Science

Urban & Political Economy

Member of the O' Brien Institute of Public Health (OIPH)

Co-Founder and Co-Leader of the OIPH GOH (Geography of Health and GIS Analysis) Research Group

GOH in the news: GIS day 2017.

Research Interests

Health Geography

Spatial analysis 

Spatial thinking in public health

Air pollution modelling and public health

Active transportation, children, healthy built environmnent

Selected Recent Publications


M. Mirzaei, S. Bertazzon, I. Couloigner, B. Farjad, R. Ngom, 2020. Estimation of Local Daily PM2.5 Concentration during Wildfire Episodes: Integrating MODIS AOD with Multivariate Linear Mixed Effect (LME) Models. Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health, 13:173-185

S. Bertazzon, I. Couloigner, F. Underwood, 2019. Spatial land use regression of nitrogen dioxide over a 5-year interval in Calgary, Canada. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 33(7):1335-1354

D.Marshall, X. Liu, R. Shahid, S. Bertazzon, J. Seidel, A. Patel, M. Nasr, C. Barber, T. McDonald, R. Sharma, T. Briggs, P. Faris, N. Waters, 2019. Geographic Variation in Osteoarthritis Prevalence in Alberta: A spatial analysis approach. Applied Geography.103:112-121

M. Mirzaei, S. Bertazzon, I. Couloigner, 2018. Modeling Wildfire Smoke Pollution by Integrating Land Use Regression and Remote Sensing Data: Regional Multi-Temporal Estimates for Public Health and Exposure Models. Atmosphere. 9: 335 (18 pages). Special issue: "Impacts of Air Pollution on Human Health"

S. Bertazzon & R. Shahid, 2017. Schools, air pollution, and active transportation. An exploratory spatial analysis of Calgary, Canada. The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 14(8): 834 (16 pp.). Special issue: "Spatial Modelling for Public Health Research

K. Eccles, S. Checkley, D. Sjogren, H. Barkema, S. Bertazzon, 2017. Lessons learned from the 2013 Calgary flood: assessing risk of drinking water well contamination. Applied Geography. 80:78-85

X. Liu & S. Bertazzon, 2017. Exploratory Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Myocardial Infarction Hospitalizations in Calgary, Canada. The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 14(12): 1555 (20 pp.). Section: “Health Behavior, Chronic Disease and Health Promotion

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