University of Calgary

Tunde Ogunfowora

  • Associate Professor
  • Faculty [OBHR]


Dr. Tunde (pronounced Toon-day) Ogunfowora is an assistant professor in the Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources area at the Haskayne School of Business. Tunde’s teaching expertise includes courses in the human resources, organizational behaviour, and management streams. He earned his BSc from the University of Calgary, his Master's degree from McGill University, and his PhD from the University of Calgary. Prior to joining Haskayne, Tunde was an assistant professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour at the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Regina (for two years) and the Goodman School of Business, Brock University (for a year).


Tunde's research interests include leadership (both ethical and unethical forms), personality, and employee ethical cognitions and behaviors at work. His dissertation research examined the relative effects of three leadership styles – ethical leadership, abusive supervision, and transformational leadership – on employee attitudes and behaviors in five not-for-profit organizations in Calgary. Tunde has since explored other research topics such as 1) understanding factors that predict why some people are more likely to emerge as leaders in leaderless workgroups, 2) individual differences in business ethical decision making, and 3) the consequences of individual and group “personality” traits in understanding important group processes.
More recently, Tunde is conducting research to better understand how ethical leaders influence individuals both within- and outside an organization, and the role of personality, values, and cognitions in understanding who is most likely to pay attention to, and be influenced by ethical leaders. As example, Tunde recently completed a project that looked at the impact of the ethical leadership of corporate executive officers (i.e., CEOs) on the attitudes and behaviours of prospective job seekers, and the types of job applicants that are most likely to be drawn to ethical CEOs.

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