University of Calgary

Eng Kuan Moo

  • Research Technician
  • Herzog Research Group


1.    Moo, E. K., Peterson, D. R., Leonard, T. R., Kaya, M., Herzog, W. (2017) In vivo muscle force and muscle power during near-maximal frog jumps. Plos One, 12(3), doi: e0173415, 10.1371/journal.pone.0173415


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10.  Moo, E. K., Abu Osman, N. A., Pingguan-Murphy, B., Wan Abas, W. A. B., Spence, W. D.,Solomonidis, S. E. (2009). Interface pressure profile analysis for patellar tendon-bearing socket and hydrostatic socket. Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics / Wrocław University of Technology, 11(4), 37-43.

Photograph of Eng Kuan Moo

Curriculum Vitae



  • 2016 - AIHS Postgraduate Fellowship - Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions
  • 2015 - CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship - Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • 2013 - David Winter Young Investigator Award (podium) - 24th meeting of International Society of Biomechanics
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