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Michael Ilg

  • Associate Professor


Professor Ilg joined the faculty of law in 2007. Professor Ilg holds a JD and LLM from Queen's University, and a PhD in law from the University of British Columbia. His doctoral dissertation was entitled: "The Diversity & Evolution of Competition: A Liberal Law and Economics Theory for the International System."

Professor Ilg regularly teaches contracts, remedies, law and economics, and law and development.


Law 402: Contracts
Law 575: Remedies
Law 567: Law & Economics

Research/Scholarly Activities

Professor Ilg’s research generally addresses individual rights from an economic perspective. Most recently, he has applied economic reasoning to selected topics within constitutional theory, including aboriginal rights, freedom of expression, and federalism.

Research Areas

  • Legal Theory
  • Law and Development


Selected Publications and Presentations


  • "Economy of pain: When to regulate offensive expression" (2018) 16(3) International Journal of Constitutional Law 806-835
  • "Profit, Persuasion, and Fidelity: Why People Follow the Rule of Law" (2017) Law and Development Review
  • “Culture and Competitive Resource Regulation: A Liberal Economic Alternative to Sui Generis Aboriginal Rights” (2012) 62(3) University of Toronto Law Journal 403-438
  • "Complexity, Environment, and Equitable Competition: A Theory of Adaptive International Rule Design" (2010) 41 Georgetown International Law Journal 647-681
  • "Accounting for Bad News: Securities Fraud Litigation and the Equal Application of Market Efficiency" (2010) 43 Creighton Law Review 471-504
  • "Market Competition in Aid of Humanitarian Concern: Reconsidering Pharmaceutical Patents" (2010) 9 Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property 145-178
  • "The International Coordination of Competition: A Proposal for the Joining of Environmental Protection and Corporate Social Responsibility" (2007) 17 Journal of Environmental Law and Practice 115
  • "A Place for Individual (im)Perfections: Diversity and the Promotion of Equitable Rights" (2006) 21 Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues 55
  • "Radical Change, Legal Pragmatism, and Individual Paths to Progress" (2006) 39 Studies in Law, Politics, and Society (Austin Sarat ed., London: Elsevier Press) 91
  • "Imposing Self-interest: Behavioural Law and Economics, the Ultimatum Game, and Value Possibilities" (2005) 28 Dalhousie Law Journal 141
  • "Disclosure, Consumer Choice, and the Liberalization of Agricultural Trade" (2005) 3 Santa  Clara Journal of International Law
  • "Environmental Harm and Dilemmas of Self-Interest: Does International Law Exhibit Collective Learning?" (2004) 18 Tulane Environmental Law Journal 59

Conference Presentations

  • "Cyclical Federalism: A Keynesian Approach to Constitutional Interpretation" - 2012 Annual Conference of the Canadian Law and Economics Association, Toronto, September 29, 2012
  • Culture and Competitive Resource Regulation: A Liberal Economic Alternative to Sui Generis Indigenous Rights - Law & Society Association, International Conference on Law & Society, Sociolegal Conversations across a Sea of Islands, June 5, 2012, Honolulu, Hawai’i.
  • A Theory of Liberal Rights for Aboriginal Self-Determination and Development in Light of Globalization - Canadian Law and Society, Montreal, Quebec, 2010.
  • Market Competition in Aid of Humanitarian Concern: Reconsidering Pharmaceutical Patents - Annual Meeting of the Canadian Law and Economics Association - Toronto, Ontario, 2009.
  • Reconciling International Health Priorities with Economic Incentives for Research and Development - Workshop on Managing Business Risk; National Centre for Business Law, UBC Faculty of Law - Vancouver, B.C., 2009.

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