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Claude Laflamme

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 P2020 - MATH 211 - Linear Methods ISyllabus

Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)

Our group is always interested in undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdoctoral fellows interested in closely related research areas. To apply for admission, please visit the program description and application form for graduate students , or contact me directly for undergraduate summer reserach and postdoctoral opportunities.

Current HQP
Davoud Abdi, PhD (Jointly with Robert Woodrow)
Justin Desrocher, USRA research summer student (Jointly with Robert Woodrow)

Recent HQP
Mike Pawliuk, Postdoctoral Fellow 2016-18 (Jointly with Robert Woodrow)
Maximiliano Liprandi, PhD 2018 (Jointly with Robert Woodrow)
Matthew Zapalski, PURE research summer student 2017 (Jointly with Robert Woodrow)
Brian Chan, MSc 2016 (Jointly with Robert Woodrow)
Jan Hubicka, Postdoctoral Fellow 2016 (Jointly with Robert Woodrow)
Andres Aranda, Postdoctoral Fellow 2016 (Jointly with Robert Woodrow)
Daniel Soukup, Postdoctoral Fellow 2016 (Jointly with Robert Woodrow)


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