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Mohammad Alsamaani

  • Doctoral Student

About me:

I earned my BA in English and Translation from Qassim University in Saudi Arabia. Following my graduation, I taught English for four years in my hometown. After that, I worked as a TA at Qassim University for two years before coming to the US to continue my studies. I then obtained my MA in Linguistics from West Virginia University in 2014. In that same year, I joined the University of Calgary under the supervision of Dr. Darin Flynn. 

During the course of my PhD program, I wrote and presented in the fields of syntax “Double Modals in Najdi Arabic”, morphology “Diminutives and Super-diminutives in the Buraydawi dialect of Arabic”, the phonology-phonetics interface “The adaptation of Arabic to Swahili: the voice onset time”, and second-language acquisition “Arabic by non-Arabs: the case of Gulf Pidgin Arabic”. Now, for my dissertation, along with my supervisor, I am also working with my co-supervisor, Dr. Stephen Winters, on different phonetic properties relating to the production of native and borrowed Swahili words (focusing on stops/affricates) and how such properties influence the role of perception. The data collection for this project took place in East Africa (Tanzania and Kenya), where both first- and second-language speakers of Swahili were tested on their production and perception of the language’s finer details.

Photograph of Mohammad Alsamaani

Current Studies

  • Doctoral Student
    Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
    Supervisor: Darin Flynn
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