University of Calgary

Tang Gim Lee

  • Professor Emeritus - School of Architecture - Planning and Landscape

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.


BArch, MArch, AAA, MRAIC

Personal Statement

I have been teaching at The University of Calgary for over 30 years. My earlier work (1970s) in energy conservation, solar energy, and recycling waste heat and materials was instrumental in developing my approach to sustainability. I continue to teach building science (building enclosures, acoustics), mechanical engineering (HVAC), civil engineering (masonry), environmental health (indoor air quality), construction management, energy physics (solar) and almost everything else in "architecture." I have supervised over 120 master's students and supervised and examined over a dozen Ph.D. students in Engineering, Management, Environmental Science, Architecture and Resources and the Environment.

I come from a technical (architectural technology, plumbing, engineering, etc.) and a design (fine art, landscape architecture and urban design) background. I practised in the U.S. and Canada and taught at various universities and colleges in Ontario, Ohio, California, China, Europe and Japan.

I maintain a modest architectural practise, designing churches, medical clinics, retail buildings and residences. I continue to consult architects and engineers in areas of sustainability, building science (building envelope investigations), solar energy and indoor air quality, write position papers for all levels of government, and serve as expert witness in civil and criminal cases. I also conduct comprehensive and interdisciplinary indoor air quality investigations for cases that elude other consultants and government. After owning and operating a fish farm and greenhouse for 10 years, I finally sold it to pursue other interest.

Selected Work

  • Lee, T.G. (2009) Mold remediation in a hospital. Toward Healthy Homes: How molds and mycotoxins adversely affect human health. Supplement to Toxicology and Industrial Health (TEH) published by Sage Publications, Ltd., London, UK. Ronald W. Hart, Editor-in-chief., 2009.
  • Lee, T.G. (2004) Health Symptoms Caused by Molds in a Courthouse. In "Molds and Mycotoxins." Archives of Environmental Health: An International Journal, Society of Occupational and Environmental Health. Dr. Kaye H. Kilburn, M.D. (ed.) Heldref Publications, July 2004, Vol.58, No7, p. 442-446. See
  • The Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities. (2007) Sears, M.E. (Ed.) Canadian Human Rights Commission, Government of Canada, Ottawa, April. (p. 29-47)
  • Lee, T.G. (ed.) Indoor Air Quality: Health and Safety Guide. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. Toronto, Ontario, ISBN 0-660-17228-3, 130 pages.
  • Lee, T.G. (ed.) Welding Safety Guide. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. Toronto, Ontario, ISBN 0-660-17228-1, 142 pages.
  • Yan Yonghong, Lee, T.G., Gao Lei, (2008) Solar System for Mitigating the Effect of Seasonal Temperature Fluctuation - Thermal Mass In Building Integrated Solar System. New Architecture Journal, China. February 2008, P. 37-41. (Wrote this article, translated by Dr. Yan to Chinese.)
  • Lee, T.G. Taylor, K., Ashton, R. (2007) Attenuating electromagnetic radiation in buildings. and  Beyond 60 Hz EMF to radio-frequencies up to 100 GHz. The 25th Annual International Symposium on Man & His Environment in Health and Disease, American Environmental Health Foundation, and The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, June 7-10.
  • Lee, T. (2008) Contaminación eléctrica y electromagnética (celulares, Internet, etc). VI CONGRESO ANUAL INTERNACIONAL, Sociedad Mexicana de alergia en Otorrinolaringología AC, El Colegio de Otorrinolaringología de Coahuila AC, Hotel Quinta Rea, Saltillo, México, March 5-8
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