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Gerry Straathof

  • Research Consultant

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.

Gerry Straathof

Gerry recieved a Bachelors in Media Arts and Digital Technologies at the Alberta College of Art and Design, and a Masters of Computing Science in Computational Media Design. His goal with his Masters of Fine Arts is to successfully blend technology with narratives of rural Canada through visual media.

Being raised in rural Alberta, from the prairies in the south to the forests of the north, Gerry brings an observed experience of living closer to the land, yet lost that connection as work brought him to various cities. He still has the knack for imagining past uses of spaces by locating evidence through foundations, roadways, curbs and impressions on or in the ground.

Currently Gerry is focused on building a vocabulary of techniques to examine this historical past and present it in ways that activate the imaginations of others to be aware of the potential past use of spaces. By investigating locations of lost homesteads or townsites within the prairies he hopes to rekindle his own imagination for rural spaces while creating introspective interventions, real or implied, that support a new metaphor for imagined rural memories.

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