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MRSC 515 - (Mrsc415)Struc/Func Marine Animal - Fall 2015

Structure and Function in Marine Animals This course will use marine invertebrates and vertebrates to explore the structural plans of animals in a functional framework. Rather than providing a comprehensive survey of diversity in the animal kingdom, specific taxa will be chosen that exemplify specific systems (e.g., respiratory, skeletal, nervous, etc.). The major taxa will be discussed together with minor groups that have peculiarities that are of general biological importance. This course will combine the disciplines of classification, evolution, morphology, biomechanics, physiology and biochemistry. The emphasis placed on each discipline will depend on the interests of the instructor. Fieldwork will be integrated with the laboratory exercises.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(3-3)


  • Course number in parentheses is the course number listed by the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.


  • Students are expected to have completed 2 years in a Biology program and to have successfully completed introductory courses in organismal diversity, physiology, cell biology and/or biochemistry. Others may be admitted by permission of the instructor in consultation with the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Consent of Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre via the Department of Biological Sciences.


  • LEC 1
    LAB 1
This course will be offered next in Fall 2016.
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