University of Calgary

BIOL 305 - The Human Organism - Winter 2024

An introduction to human biology that analyzes the structure and function of systems in our bodies. Leads to an appreciation of how the human body maintains itself and carries out the functions necessary to sustain any organism. A course for non-majors that will develop their understanding of the anatomy and physiology of their own species in a zoological and evolutionary context.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(3-0)


  • One of Biology 30 or 205 or 212 or 241.


  • Not open for registration to Honours, Majors and Minors in the Department of Biological Sciences or to Natural Sciences program students with a Concentration in Biological Sciences, or to Neuroscience program students. Credit for Biology 305 and any of Kinesiology 259, 260, Medical Science 404, Zoology 269, 461 or 463 will not be allowed.


This course will be offered next in Summer 2024.
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