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Hamid Habibi

  • Professor
  • Integrative Cell Biology

Research Interests

Research in my laboratory is centered on the endocrine control of reproduction and growth. Emphasis is placed on two levels of regulatory systems: i) Control of pituitary gonadotropin and growth hormone gene expression by hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) and gonadal steroids, and ii) paracrine regulation of ovarian function by GnRH and growth factors. My research provided novel information on GnRH functional diversity in a number of cell types of fish and mammalian origin and developed technologies relevant to pharmaceutical and agri-food industries. These include development of: 1) novel GnRH agonists with improved ovulatory and antitumor properties, and 2) method for enhancing growth rate in cultured fish species, using transgenic canola seeds expressing fish growth hormone. 

To date, there have been a number of opportunities for translation of this basic research into technologies relevant to pharmaceutical and agri-food industries. These technologies include 1) identification of novel tumor-specific GnRH analogs, and 2) large-scale production of recombinant carp growth hormone and development of a food supplement for improving growth rate in cultured fish. In addition, we are involved in a collaborative effort to develop a valid method of measuring environmental compounds with steroid-like activity. It is anticipated that these studies will provide fundamental information on hormonal control of growth and reproduction as well as developing technologies related to environment, aquaculture and medicine.

Graduate Students

Kinch, Cassandra Ph.D.  Health impact of emerging contaminants on embryonic and neuronal development
Zare, Ava Ph.D. Health impact of emerging contaminants, using transcriptomics approach
Shaelen Konschuh M.Sc. Membrane thyroid receptors and control of angiogenesis
Cameron Toth M.Sc. Health impact of oil sands process-affected water
Abeer Alhawsawi M.Sc. hormonal control of testicular development
Mahdi Golshan   (visiting PhD, České Republic) Health impact of pesticides and hericides
Azin Mohagheghi Samarin   (visiting PDF, České Republic) Ovarian follicle development


2012 - Faculty of Science Award of Excellence in Community Outreach, University of Calgary.

2005 - 18th Khwarazmi International Distinguished Research Award, Research Organization for Science and Technology.

2002 - Research Achievement Recognition-Celebration of Excellence, University of Calgary.

2001 - Grace Pickford Medal, International Federation of Endocrinological Societies.

2000 - Professorship/Lectureship in Science and Sustainable Development, UNESCO and International Council of Science / the Third World Academy of Sciences.

Selected Publications

  • Google Scholar Link
  • Kinch CD , Ibhazehiebo K, Jeong JH, Habibi HR, KurraschDM (2015) Low Dose Exposure to Bisphenol A and Replacement Bisphenol S Induces Precocious Hypothalamic Neurogenesis in Embryonic Zebrafish, PNAS, in press.

  • Moussavi M, Wlasichuk M, Chang J.P, and Habibi H.R. (2014) Gonadotropin-Inhibitory hormone (GnIH), Gonadotrophin releasing hormone, Growth hormone, Pitutitary, goldfish. J. Endocrinology, in press.   

  • Golshan M, Hatef A, Zare A, Socha M, Milla S, Gosiewski G, Fontaine P,  Sokołowska-Mikołajczyk M, Habibi HR, Alavi H (2014) Alternations in neuroendocrine and endocrine regulation of reproduction in male goldfish (Carassius auratus) following an acute and chronic exposure to vinclozolin, in vivo. Aquatic Toxicology, 155C:73-83. doi: 10.1016/j.aquatox.2014.06.004

  • Hontela A and Habibi HR (2014) Personal care products in the aquatic environment:  a case study on the effects of Triclosan in fish. Fish Physiology, 33: Organic Chem. Tox. Fishes, ISBN: 978-0-12-398254-4, (Tierney K, Farrell T, Brauner C, eds), 411-437 pp.

  • Habibi HR (2014) Environmental contaminants with hormone-like activity: Screening and risk characterization. Canadian Civil Engineer, 31.2: 20-23.

  • Annett R, Habibi HR, Hontela A (2014) Impact of glyphosate and glyphosate-based herbicides on the freshwater environment. Journal of Applied Toxicology, J Applied Toxicol. 34(5):458-479.

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  • PhD - Comparative Endocrinology
    University of Aston, 1983
  • BSc
    University of Aston, 1979
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