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Corey Flynn

  • Assistant Head - Undergraduate Program
  • Associate Professor (Teaching)
  • Integrative Cell Biology
  • +1 (403) 220-5055

Currently Teaching

Research Interests


  1. In Vitro – brain slice recordings
  2. In Vivo – chronic recordings from intact behaving animals

My research is focused on the electrophysiological changes that occur to neural networks in disease states such as epilepsy.  Specifically, I am interested in discovering the steps involved when a ‘healthy’ brain transitions into one that is very susceptible to spontaneous seizures.

This is an extremely important area of investigation because as much as 30% of individuals with epilepsy continue to experience seizures despite our best pharmacological treatments.  By investigating the earliest stages in the development of epilepsy, I hope to gain the knowledge necessary to interfere with the normal disease progression.  The ultimate goal would be to identify at risk individuals, and begin preventative treatment before the seizures become unmanageable.
My responsibilities are split between the Department of Biological Sciences and the new Undergraduate Neuroscience degree program (

Selected Publications

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Manuscripts; Published:

  • Flynn, C., Young, N.A., Teskey, G.C. (2010) Seizures, but not lowered seizure thresholds, results in larger neocortical motor maps and concomitant disruptions in skilled motor behaviour. Behav Brain Res 214: 60-65.
  • Vanzetta, I., Flynn, C., Ivanov, A.I., Bernard, C., Bénar, C.G. (2010) Investigation of linear coupling between single-event blood flow responses and interictal discharges in a model of experimental epilepsy. J Neurophysiol 103(6):3139-52.
  • Young, N.A., Vuong, J., Ozen, L.J., Flynn, C., Teskey, G.C. (2009)  Altered motor map expression after seizures and status epilepticus in the pilocarpine model of temporal lobe epilepsy.  Exp Neurol.  217(2):421-8. 
  • Teskey, G.C., Monfils, M.H., Flynn, C., Young, N.A., van Rooyen, F., Henry, L.C., Ozen, L.J., Henderson, A.K., Reid, A.Y., Brown, A.R. (2008)  Motor maps, seizures, and behaviour.  Can J Exp Psychol. 62(2):132-139.
  • Driscoll, I., Monfils, M.H., Flynn, C., Teskey, G.C., Kolb, B. (2007) Neurophysiological properties of cells filling the neonatal medial prefrontal cortex lesion cavity.  Brain Res. 1178:38-43. 
  • Flynn, C., and Teskey, G.C. (2007)  Reduction of seizure thresholds following electrical stimulation is dependent on stimulation intensity and is not related to synaptic potentiation.  Neuroscience­. 149(2):263-72. 
  • Flynn, C., Brown, C.E., Galasso, S.L., McIntyre, D.C., Teskey, G.C., Dyck, R.H. (2007) Zincergic innervation of the forebrain distinguishes epilepsy-prone from epilepsy-resistant rat strains. Neuroscience 144(4):1409-1414.
  • Teskey, G.C., Young, N.A., van Rooyen, F., Larson, S.E.M., Flynn, C., Monfils, M.H., Kleim, J.A., Henry, L.C., Goertzen, C.D. (2007) Induction of neocortical long-term depression results in smaller movement representations, fewer excitatory perforated synapses and more inhibitory synapses. Cereb Cortex 17(2):434-442.
  • Monfils, M.H., Driscoll, I., Flynn, C., Teskey, G.C., Kleim, J.A., Kolb, B.  (2006) FGF-2 Induced anatomical and neurophysiological recovery from neonatal motor cortex injury. Eur J Neurosci 24:739-749.
  • Flynn, C.,  Monfils, M.H.,  Kleim, J.A.,  Kolb, B.,  McIntyre, D.C.,  Teskey, G.C. (2004)  Differential neuroplastic changes in neocortical movement representations and dendritic morphology in epilepsy-prone and epilepsy-resistant rat strains following high-frequency stimulation.  Eur J Neurosci19:2319-2328.
  • Teskey, G.C., Flynn, C., Goertzen, C.D., Monfils, M.H., Young, N.A. (2003)  Cortical stimulation improves skilled forelimb use following a focal ischemic infarct in the rat. Neurol Res 25(8):794-800.

Book Chapters; Published:

  • Teskey, G.C., Flynn, C., Monfils, M.H., Valentine, P.A., Goertzen, C.D., Henry, L.C. (2005)  From networks to ultrastructure: Kindling induced changes in the neocortex. In: Kindling 6.  Corcoran, M.E., Moshe, S.L. (eds). Plenum Press, NY: 125-133.

Manuscripts; Under Review:

  • Young, N.A., Vuong, J., Flynn, C., Teskey, G.C. Optimal parameters for microstimulation derived forelimb movement thresholds and motor maps in rats and mice. Submitted to J Neuroscience Methods.
  • McClelland, S.*, Flynn, C.*, Richichi, C., Dube, C., Zha, Q., Esclapez, M., Bernard, C., Baram, T.Z.  (2009) Epigenetic factors mediate acquired channelopathy in epilepsy.  Submitted 23/01/2009 to Science (MS# 1171261).  *Equally contributing First Authors


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