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Kenneth Edwin Sanderson

  • Professor Emeritus

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.

Selected Publications

  • Liu, G.R., K. Edwards, A. Eisenstark, Y.M. Fu W.Q. Liu , K.E. Sanderson, R.N. Johnston, S.L. Liu. 2003. Genomic diversification among archival strains of Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium LT7. Journal of Bacteriology 185:2131-2142.
  • Liu, G.-R., Rahn, A., Liu, W-Q, Sanderson, K.E., Johnston, R.N. and S.-L. Liu. 2002. The evolving genome of Salmonella enterica serovar pollurum. J. Bacteriol 184: 2626-2633.
  • Alokam, S., Liu, S.-L., Said, K. and K.E. Sanderson. 2002. Inversions over the terminus region in Salmonella and Escherichia coli: IS200s as the sites of homologous recombination inverting the chromosome of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi. J. Bacteriol. 184: 6190-6197.
  • Liu, S.-L., Liu, G.-R., Li, S.-X., Liu, W.-Q., Zheng, J.-F., Zhu, W.-F., Gu, H.-X., Guo, X.-K., Ma, J.-Y. Sanderson, K.E., Zhou, Y.-G. and R.N. Johnston. 2002. Bacterial genome structure: a molecular marker to reveal phylogenetic clusters. J. Peking University (Health Sciences) 34: 457-463. 
  • Pabbaraju, K. and K.E. Sanderson. (2000). Sequence diversity of intervening sequences (IVSs) in the 23S ribosomal RNA in Salmonella spp. Gene 253: 55-66.
  • McClelland, M., L. Flora, K.E. Sanderson, S. Clifton, R. Wilson and W. Miller. (2000). Comparison of the E. coli K-12 genome to sampled genomes of a Klebsiella pneumoniae, and three Salmonella enterica serovars, Typhimurium, Typhi, and ParatyphiA. Nucleic Acids Research 28: 4974-86.
  • Pabbaraju, K., W.L. Miller and K.E. Sanderson. (2000). Distribution of intervening sequences in the genes for 23S rRNA and rRNA fragmentation among strains of the Salmonella reference collection B (SARB) and SARC sets. Journal of Bacteriology 182: 1923-1929.
  • Miller, W.L., K. Pabbaraju and K.E. Sanderson. (2000). Fragmentation of 23S rRNA in strains of Proteus and Providencia results from intervening sequences in the rrn (rRNA) genes. Journal of Bacteriology 182: 1109-1117.
  • Liu, S.-L., A.B. Schryvers, K.E. Sanderson and R.N. Johnston. 1999. Bacterial phylogenetic clusters revealed by genome structure. J. Bacteriol. 181: 2747-2755.
  • Ng, I., S.-L. Liu and K.E. Sanderson. 1999. Role of genomic rearrangements in producing new ribotypes of Salmonella typhi. J. Bacteriol. 181: 3536-3541.
  • Sanderson, K.E., M. McClelland and S.-L. Liu. 1999. "Stable" genomes. In: Organization of the prokaryotic genome. Charlebois, R.L. (ed.). American Society for Microbiology Press, Washington, D.C., pp. 217-233.
  • Collinson, S.K., S.-L. Liu, S.C. Clouthier, P.A. Banser, J.L. Doran, K.E. Sanderson and W.W. Kay. 1996. Mapping of four fimbrin genes, agfA, fimA, sefA, and sefD on the Salmonella typhimurium and Salmonella enteritidis XbaI-BinI genomic cleavage maps. Gene. 169: 75-80.
  • Liu, S.-L. and K.E. Sanderson. 1995. The genomic map of Salmonella paratyphi A is inverted by a homologous recombination between genes rrnH and rrnG. J. Bacteriol. 177: 6585-6592.
  • Liu, S.-L. and K.E. Sanderson. 1995. The genomic cleavage map of Salmonella typhi Ty2. J. Bacteriology. 177:5099-5107.

Research Interests

Analysis of genome structure in enteric bacteria. Study of plasmids and of conjugation in enteric bacteria (Salmonella and Escherichia). Recombinant DNA methods. Genetics and biochemistry of the enteric bacteria. Structure and synthesis of the cell envelope of Gram-negative bacteria, especially the lipopolysaccharide.


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