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Frederick Gordon Biddle

  • Adjunct Professor

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.

Selected Publications

Cao W, Biddle FG, Choudhry H, Wu W (2016) The challenge for precision medicine: all tumor genomes are different and all cancer patients are different in their own way. Translational Cancer Research (2016) 5(Suppl 4), S847-S851. (Invited commentary) (

Cao W, Wu, W, Yan M, Tian F, Ma C, Zhang Q, Li X, Han P, Liu Z, Biddle FG (2015) Multiple region whole-exome sequencing reveals dramatically evolving intratumor genomic heterogeneity in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Oncogenesis (2015) 4, e175. (
Shu A, Wei Z, Hao Y, Luo H, Tian F, Biddle FG, Wu W, Liu M, Cao W (2015) Autosomal dominant corneal dystrophy with TGFBI mutations: lessons learned from a Chinese pedigree. Journal of Genetic Syndromes and Gene Therapy, 6: 264. doi:10.4172/2157-7412.1000264.

Ribeiro AS, Eales BA, Lloyd-Price J, Biddle FG (2014) Predictability and randomness of paw choices are critical elements in the behavioural plasticity of mouse paw preference. Animal Behaviour 98: 167-176. Includes 5-minute Audioslide presentation.
Cao W, Wu W, Shi F, Chen X, Wu L, Yang K, Tian F, Zhu M, Chen G, Wang WW, Biddle FG, Gu J (2013) Integrated analysis of long non-coding RNA and coding RNA expression in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. International Journal of Genomics 2013, Article ID 480534, 10 pages, 2013. (

Cao W, Yan M, Hao QY, Wang SL, Wu LH, Liu Q, Li MY, Biddle FG, Wu W (2013) Autosomal-dominant Meesmann epithelial corneal dystrophy without an exon mutation in the keratin-3 or keratin-12 gene in a Chinese family. Journal of International Medical Research 41: 511-518. (

Ribeiro AS, Eales BA, Biddle FG (2013) Short-term and long-term memory deficits in handedness learning in mice with absent corpus callosum and reduced hippocampal commissure. Behaviour Brain Research 245: 145-151.

Biddle FG, Eales BA (2013) Getting it right: learning and memory determines hand-preference behaviour in the mouse. In: Behavioural Genetics of the Mouse. Vol. 1. Genetics of Behavioural Phenotypes. Edited by W.E. Crusio, F. Sluyter, R.T. Gerlai and S. Pietropaolo. (Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge), Chapt. 13, pp. 109-127.

Ribeiro AS, Eales BA, Biddle FG (2011) Learning of paw preference in mice is strain dependent, gradual and based on short-term memory of previous reaches. Animal Behaviour 81(1): 249-257. (

Ribeiro AS, Lloyd-Price J, Eales BA, Biddle FG (2010) Dynamic agent-based model of hand-preference behavior patterns in the mouse. Adaptive Behavior 18(2): 116-131. (



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