University of Calgary

CHEM 371 - Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics Chemistry - Winter 2024

Lectures: A study of the states of matter. The basic laws of thermodynamics and their applications. Development of the concept of chemical potential. Changes of state and phase diagrams of pure substances and mixtures. Equilibrium electrochemistry. Laboratory: Experimental measurements, interpretations, and calculations relating to the topics discussed in lectures.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(3-1T-3)


  • Chemistry 201 or 211; and 203 or 213; Physics 223 or admission to a Major program offered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy and 6 units of Physics; and Mathematics 267 or 277.


  • Credit for Chemistry 371 and any of Physics 347, 349, or 447 will not be allowed.


This course will be offered next in Winter 2025.
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