University of Calgary

Reginald Paul

  • Professor Emeritus - Chemistry
  • Theoretical Chemistry
  • +1 (403) 220-6246

Research Interests

Fuel Cells: Fuel cells that utilize hydrogen and oxygen are relatively harmless to the environment and have become the subject of both theoretical and experimental investigation. An integral part of these cells is, generally, a polymeric material such as Nafion through which the transport of ions occurs during the operation of the cell. The application of statistical mechanics to this transport process provides a very useful tool for predicting the values of the transport coefficients and the efficiency of a given polymer as a function of its structure.

Electrified Interfaces: The electrical properties of surfaces play a very important role in such diverse phenomena as colloid chemistry, electrode processes and surfactants. In general, these processes are governed by systems of differential equations whose solutions provide valuable information.

Photograph of Reginald Paul
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