University of Calgary

Ronald Andrew Kydd

  • Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

The long-term objective of the continuing research in Dr. Kydd's laboratory is to prepare and characterize new catalytic materials. Spectroscopic techniques (IR, X-ray diffraction, NMR) and procedures to characterize the structure of the catalysts (porosity, oxidation states of additives, adsorptive characteristics, etc.) are combined with reactivity studies to learn more about the catalyst surfaces, the active sites they contain, and the processes which occur over them. The purpose is to provide detailed knowledge which will permit improved catalysts (stable materials, with enhanced activity and/or resistance to poisoning) to be produced. Research projects currently underway involve the synthesis, characterization and testing of metal-oxide-based catalysts. Since such materials are widely used in industry, this project has potentially valuable industrial applications.

Photograph of Ronald Andrew Kydd
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