University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch AreasResearch Interests
Photograph of Wendi AdamekWendi AdamekResearch InterestsEast Asian Buddhism, Medieval Chinese Buddhism, Chinese religions
Photograph of James AppleJames AppleResearch InterestsTibetan, Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Sanskrit
Photograph of A. W. BarberA. W. BarberResearch InterestsPure Land, Chinese Buddhism, Tibetan, Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, Sanskrit, Chinese religions, Tathagatagarbha
Photograph of Reyes Bertolin CebrianReyes Bertolin CebrianResearch InterestsGreek Epic and Lyric Poetry, Greek Sport, Issues of Orality and Literacy, Comparative Mythology
Photograph of Lesley BoltonLesley BoltonResearch Interests, Research InterestsRomano-British Archaeology, particularly Hadrian's Wall area, Ancient Medicine, Medical Manuscripts, Ancient Technology, Epigraphy and Curse Tablets
Photograph of Lindsay Driediger-MurphyLindsay Driediger-MurphyResearch Interests, Research InterestsRoman social history, Political History of the Roman Republic, Greek and Roman historiography, Roman divination, Pagan and Christian theology, Roman Religion
Photograph of Marina FischerMarina FischerResearch InterestsArt and architecture in ancient Greece, Art and architecture in ancient Rome, Cult of Aphrodite, Prostitution in the ancient world, Women in the ancient world, Gender and Sexuality in ancient Greece
Photograph of Christopher FramarinChristopher FramarinResearch InterestsEthics, Philosophy of Religion, Indian Philosophy (esp.Ethics and Metaphysics), Buddhist Philosophy
Photograph of Katrin FroeseKatrin FroeseResearch InterestsChinese religions, Comparative Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Political Philosophy
Photograph of Waldemar HeckelWaldemar HeckelResearch InterestsMilitary History and Conquest Societies, Greek Historiography, Alexander the Great; Greek and Near Eastern history.
Photograph of Irving HexhamIrving HexhamResearch InterestsNationalism and Religion, Dutch neo-Calvinism, Political Religions, Afrikaner Nationalism, National Socialism and political extremism, New Religious Movements, Religion and Politics, Methods and Theory in the Study of Religion, Christian Fundamentalism
Photograph of Lisa HughesLisa HughesResearch InterestsRoman social history, Roman art and archaeology, Special interest: non-elite representations of the early empire
Photograph of Noreen HumbleNoreen HumbleResearch InterestsSparta, Xenophon, Ancient Biography, Plutarch, Reception of ancient authors in Byzantium and in the Renaissance
Photograph of Hany IbrahimHany IbrahimResearch InterestsTafsir Studies, Religious Pluralism and interreligious dialogue, Islam, Quranic exegesis, hadith, Sufism, Islamic art and architecture., Early and Medieval Islamic Theology, Islam and Society
Photograph of Clara JosephClara JosephResearch InterestsPostcolonial Theory, South Asian Religion, Ethics, Christianity, Methods and Theory in the Study of Religion, Religion and Culture, Religion in Modern India, South Asian religious history, religion and film, Literature and Religion
Photograph of Morny JoyMorny JoyResearch InterestsHermeneutics, Methods and Theory in the Study of Religion, Postcolonial Theory, Political Religions, Religion and Culture, Philosophy of Religion, Women and Religion, Comparative Philosophy, Hinduism, Continental Philosophy
Photograph of Laura JurgensLaura JurgensResearch Interests, Research InterestsGender and Sexuality, Women and Religion, Social History, Western Religions, Christianity
Photograph of Durga KaleDurga KaleResearch InterestsVernacular Religion, Regional and sectarian religious movements, Regionally-produced Sanskrit literature, South Asian religious history, Religion and ‘Place’, Hinduism, Indian Goddess Traditions, Folklore
Photograph of Wayne McCreadyWayne McCreadyResearch InterestsOrigins of Christianity, Religion and Place Studies, Second Temple Judaism
Photograph of Sharon MogenSharon MogenResearch InterestsReligion and ‘Place’, Religion and Popular Culture, Origins of Christianity, Folklore, Western Religions, Women and Religion
Photograph of Ron NeufeldtRon NeufeldtResearch InterestsReligion in Modern India, New Religious Movements, Methodology, History of Indian Religions
Photograph of Amber PorterAmber PorterResearch InterestsArt and architecture in ancient Greece, History of the Emotions, Cultural History of Medicine, Women in the ancient world, Ancient Medicine
Photograph of Gabriele RoccellaGabriele RoccellaResearch Interests, Research InterestsGreek Epic and Lyric Poetry, Sanskrit, Issues of Orality and Literacy, Folklore, Comparative Mythology, Latin Poetry
Photograph of Elizabeth RohlmanElizabeth RohlmanResearch InterestsHinduism, Regional and sectarian religious movements, South Asian religious history, Puranas, Regionally-produced Sanskrit literature, Religious geography
Photograph of Tinu RuparellTinu RuparellResearch InterestsReligious Pluralism and interreligious dialogue, Hermeneutics, Comparative Philosophy, Science and Religion, Idealism and Indian Philosophy
Photograph of Eliezer SegalEliezer SegalResearch InterestsWestern Religions, Comparative Exegesis, Judaism
Photograph of Douglas ShantzDouglas ShantzResearch InterestsGerman Pietism, Christian Apocalyptic, Radical Reformation Studies
Photograph of Hanne Sigismund NielsenHanne Sigismund NielsenResearch InterestsRoman Children, Latin epigraphy, Roman Family, Roman social history, Roman Women
Photograph of Peter TooheyPeter TooheyResearch InterestsCultural History of Medicine, History of the Emotions, Greek and Roman Epic Poetry, History of Madness, Gender and Sexuality
Photograph of Toha ToriqToha ToriqResearch InterestsEarly and Medieval Islamic Theology, Islam and Society, Tafsir Studies
Photograph of Virginia TumaszVirginia TumaszResearch InterestsProcess theologies, The philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, Science and Religion
Photograph of John VanderspoelJohn VanderspoelResearch InterestsRoman Imperial History, Roman Republican History, Roman social history, Intellectual History of the Roman Imperial Period, Late Roman History
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