University of Calgary

Publications - 2001


Beyond Liberalism: The Moral Community of Rousseau’s Social Contract

Froese, Katrin

Euripides and Late 5th Century Tragic Theatre.

Cropp, Martin, K. H. Lee and D. Sansone

Intuitive (pratyātmavedya) and Apperceptive knowledge in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Thought

Apple, James

Mind and Mental Factors in Tibetan Buddhism (translation, Foundation for the Preservation of Mahayana Buddhism, 2001).

Apple, James

Rousseau and Nietzsche: Toward an Aesthetic Morality

Froese, Katrin

The Sun and the Moon: Oral Testimony and the Sacred History of the Ama-Nazarites Under the Leadership of Johannes Galilee Shembe and Amos Shembe

Hexham, Irving and Oosthuizen, G.C.

translated by Hans-Jürgen Becken


Tibet and the Dalai Lama: An Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism

Apple, James
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