University of Calgary

Publications - 2003


Alexander the Great: Historical Sources in Translation

Yardley, J.C. and Heckel, Waldemar

Crossroads of History: The Age of Alexander

Heckel, Waldemar and Tritle, Lawrence A.

Desire and Desirelessness: The Case of Niskamakarma

Framarin, Christopher

El filosemitismo y el antisemitismo en la recepción del Quijote al principio del siglo XX

Schmidt, Rachel in Joan i Tous, Pere and Heike Nottebaum El olivo y la espada. Estudios sobre el antisemitismo en España (siglos XVI-XX

Hacer que los cuadros hablen: La problemática del marco en Un novelista en el Museo del Prado de Mujica Lainez

Schmidt, Rachel

Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Scholastic accounts of Consciousness

Apple, James

Marcas, marcos y memoria en Las huellas de Robinson de Julián Ríos

Schmidt, Rachel

Mind and Mental Factors in Indo-Tibetan Scholasticism

Apple, James

Nāgārjuna’s Philosophy as a Way of Life: Hadot, Spiritual Exercises, and Things Buddhist

Apple, James

Nicholas Gier, Spiritual Titanism

Apple, James

Religious and Civil Identities at Roman Carthage

McCready, Wayne

Sex and Difference in Ancient Greece and Rome

Toohey, Peter and Golden, Mark

Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama: Embodiment of Compassion as Simple Buddhist Monk

Apple, James in Baines, L. and McBrayer, D. How to Get a Life: Empowering Wisdom From Thinkers and Writers

The Expanded Property Rights of NAFTA: An Analysis of the Potential Conflict

Framarin, Christopher

'The Few Contained the Many': Rabbinic Perspectives on the Miraculous and the Impossible

Segal, Eliezer

Tsong-kha-pa’s Theory of Karma

Apple, James

Twenty Varieties of the Saṃgha: A Typology of Noble Beings (Ārya) in Indo-Tibetan Scholasticism (Part 1)

Apple, James
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