University of Calgary

Publications - 2006


A Re-Assessment of Monastic Organisation

Jeppesen-Wigelsworth, Alison

Egoism and the Humean Theory of Motivation

Framarin, Christopher

Inventing ‘Paganists’: a Close Reading of Richard Steigmann-Gall's the Holy Reich

Hexham, Irving

Macedonian Warrior: Alexander's Elite Infantryman

Heckel, Waldemar and Jones, Ryan

Motivation in the Manusmrti

Framarin, Christopher

Nietzsche, Heidegger and Daoist Thought: Crossing Paths in Between

Froese, Katrin

"Prehistory in the Call to Abraham," Biblical Interpretation 14/3 (2006), 189-208.

Eslinger, Lyle

Singing the Dead. A Model for Epic Evolution

Bertolin Cebrian, Reyes

The Desire You are Required to Get Rid of: A Functionalist Analysis of Desire in the Bhagavadgita

Framarin, Christopher

The Intersection of Desire, Erotics and National Identity in Gustave Doré’s Don Quixote

Schmidt, Rachel

Tsong-kha-pa’s Gradual Path System for Ending Mental Afflictions and his Methods for Countering Anger

Apple, James in Nauriyal, D.K. Buddhist Thought and Applied Psychological Research: Transcending the Boundaries


Framarin, Christopher

Who's Who in the Age of Alexander the Great

Heckel, Waldemar
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