University of Calgary

Publications - 2007


Alexander's Empire: Formulation to Decay

Heckel, Waldemar, Tritle, Lawrence A. and Wheatley, Patrick

Cervantes’s Galatea and Friedrich Schlegel’s Lucinde, or Unmasking the Pastoral and the Allegorical as Modes of the Modern Nove

Schmidt, Rachel

From Space to Place. The Role and Function of Artistic Expression in Public Space

McCready, Wayne

Good and Bad Desires: Implications of the Dialogue Between Krsna and Arjuna

Framarin, Christopher

James Blumenthal, The Ornament of the Middle Way: A Study of the Madhyamaka Thought of Śāntarakṣita. Himalaya.

Apple, James

“Leyendo otros que sean luz del alma": el Quijote y la literatura del ars moriendi

Schmidt, Rachel in Martínez Mata, Emilio Cervantes y el Quijote. Actas del Coloquio Internacional

Redescribing Maṇḍalas: A Test Case in Bodh Gayā, India

Apple, James in Braun, W. and Smith, Jonathan Z. Introducing Religion: Essays in Honor of Jonathan Z. Smith

“Saints (Buddhism).” Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions (ABC-CLIO 2007). Pages 530-531.

Apple, James

“Spiritual Discipline (Buddhism).” Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions (ABC-CLIO 2007). Page 600.

Apple, James

The Conquests of Alexander the Great

Heckel, Waldemar

The Mystique of Transmission: On an Early Chan History and its Contexts

Adamek, Wendi

What Is a City?

McCready, Wayne
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