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Publications - 2009


Alexander the Great: A New History

Heckel, Waldemar and Tritle, Lawrence

Bajtín y Foucault leen Don Quijote de la Mancha: el retorno del idealismo

Schmidt, Rachel in Don Quijote, cosmopolita. Nuevos estudios sobre la recepción internacional de la novela cervantina (vol. II)

“Contributions to the development and classification of Abhisamayālaṃkāra literature in Tibet from the 9th to 14th century.”

Apple, James

Derrida's Spirit: On the Affirmation(s) of Contradiction

Morrison, Chris

Desire and Motivation in Indian Philosophy

Framarin, Christopher

Desireless action is typically cited as a criterion of the liberated person in classical Indian texts. Contemporary authors argue with near unanimity that since all action is motivated by desire, desireless action is a contradiction. They conclude that desireless action is action performed without certain desires; other desires are permissible. In this book, the author surveys the contemporary literature on desireless action and argues that the arguments for the standard interpretation are unconvincing. He translates, interprets, and evaluates passages from a number of seminal classical Sanskrit texts, and argues that the doctrine of desireless action should indeed be taken literally, as the advice to act without any desire at all. The author argues that the theories of motivation advanced in these texts are not only consistent, but plausible. This book is the first in-depth analysis of the doctrine of desireless action in Indian philosophy. It serves as a reference to both contemporary and classical literature on the topic, and will be of interest to scholars of Indian philosophy, religion, the Bhagavadgita and Hinduism.


Desiring and Aiming: A Phenomenological Distinction

Framarin, Christopher

Karen Derris and Natalie Gummer (editors), Defining Buddhism(s): A Reader (Critical Categories in the Study of Religion

Apple, James

Moving Beyond Symbol and Myth: Understanding the Kingship of God of the Hebrew Bible Through Metaphor

Moore, Anne

Openings that Close: The Paradox of Desire in Rousseau

Froese, Katrin in Blackell, Mark, Duncan, John and Kow, Simon Rousseau and Desire

Persian standards of the 5th and 4th century BC

Manning, Sean

Pilgrimage, Place and Meaning-making by Jews in Greco-Roman Egypt

McCready, Wayne in Harland, Philip A. Dynamics of Identity and Cultural Minorities in the Roman Empire

Talking with the Religious ‘Other’: Returning to a Concept of the Sacred in Performance Studies

Palacios, Joy

‘Thebaid’ 2.239, 2.729 and the Problem of Aracynthus.

McClure, Jason

“The Dalai Lamas: A Cultural Heritage of Embodied Compassion.” Numata Chair of Buddhist Studies in the Department of Religious Studies Invited Lecture

Apple, James

“The Early Development of Tibetan Abhisamayālaṃkāra literature in the light of newly uncovered bKa' gdams pa works.”

Apple, James

The Parnass, the Gabbai and the Ritual Committee

Segal, Eliezer in Weizman, Sandra The House that Jacob Built: Congregation House of Jacob-Mikveh Israel, Calgary, Alberta Centennial Commemorative Book

The Problem with Pretending: Ramanuja's Arguments Against Jivanmukti (Embodied Liberation)

Framarin, Christopher

The Völkisch Modernist Beginnings of National Socialism

Poewe, Karla and Hexham, Irving

Things among the Gods: Re-visiting the Problem of Reification

Morrison, Chris

Things among the Gods: Re-visiting the Problem of Reification

Morrison, Chris

Trashing Evangelical Christians: The legacy of James Barr's Fundamentalism

Hexham, Irving in Tough Minded Christianity

Two Kinds of Unselfishness

Framarin, Christopher

“Wordplay”: Emergent Ideology through Semantic elucidation A Rhetorical Technique in Mahāyāna Buddhist formations

Apple, James
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