University of Calgary

Publications - 2016


Actors, Christian Burial, and Space in Early Modern Paris

Palacios, Joy

Candrakīrti and the Lotus sutra

Apple, James

Caractéristiques des Kanjurs tibétains

Apple, James in Les Indes savantes Sūtras bouddhiques: un heritage spiritual universal. Manuscrits et iconographie du Sūtra du Lotus

Celestinas y majas en la obra de Goya, Alenza y Lucas Velázquez

Schmidt, Rachel

Challenging the Order of the Sun in Góngora's Soledades

Schmidt, Rachel in Hart, Jonathan Imagining Culture. Essays in Early Modern History and Literature

Don Quijote y su lugar en la novelística y la estética de Hermann Cohen

Schmidt, Rachel in Cervantes y su mundo

La cultura visual y la construcción de la tríada de mitos españoles: Celestina, Don Quijote y Don Juan

Schmidt, Rachel

Mere Appearance Madhyamaka in an Early Twelfth Century Tibetan Commentary

Apple, James

Nuevas aportaciones al estudio de la iconografía cervantina en la obra de Goya

Schmidt, Rachel

Solon and His Biographical Tradition

Romney, Jessica

“The Knot Tied with Space”: Notes on a Previously Unidentified Stanza in Buddhist Literature and Its Citation.

Apple, James

The Old Tibetan Version of the Kāśyapaparivarta preserved in Fragments from Dunhuang

Apple, James

The Stained and the Unstained: Feliciana de la Voz’s Hymn to Mary in the Context of the Immaculist Movement

Schmidt, Rachel
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