University of Calgary

On the Trails of Tradition: Explorations of Jewish Life and Learning


Eliezer Segal, professor of religious studies at the University of Calgary and a newspaper columnist, brings his witty and pithy essays on Jewish tradition and history to books accessible to a wide audience. The latest is On the Trails of Tradition, his 2011 book that explores — in an amusing and entertaining manner — such topics as child brides and arranged marriages, academic rivalries, vegetarianism, gift-giving and resentment, the physician’s prayer, prescriptions and healing, and the unbridled truth about pork. While Dr. Segal is well known in the academic community for his scholarly research into Judaism and religious lore and symbolism, including the new Routledge book Reading Jewish Religious Texts, he also writes to non-specialist readers of any faith interested in the fascinating traditions and historical origins of Jewish tradition found in famous scenes from the Torah, the Talmud and the Bible. You probably don’t know “the rest of the story” behind so many famous people, customs and legends.


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