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Book Chapters:

1. Shopon, M., Hossain Bari, A. S. M., Bhatia, Y., Narayanaswamy, P. K., Tumpa, S. N., Sieu, B., & Gavrilova, M. (2022). Biometric System De-identification: Concepts, Applications, and Open Problems. In Handbook of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (pp. 393-422). Springer, Cham.

2. M. Gavrilova, F. Anzum, AWS H. Bari, Y. Bhatia, F. Iffath, Q. Ohi, Md. Shopon, Z. Wahid, A Multi-Faceted Role of Biometrics in Online Security, Privacy and Trustworthy Decision Mak


1. Biswas, M., Islam, R., Shom, G. K., Shopon, M., Mohammed, N., Momen, S., & Abedin, A. (2017). Banglalekha-isolated: a multi-purpose comprehensive dataset of handwritten bangla isolated characters. Data in brief, 12, 103–107.

2. Shopon, M., Bari, A. H., & Gavrilova, M. L. (2021). Residual connection-based graph convolutional neural networks for gait recognition. The Visual Computer, 1-12.

3. Shopon, M., Tumpa, S. N., Bhatia, Y., Kumar, K. N., & Gavrilova, M. L. (2021). Biometric Systems De-Identification: Current Advancements and Future Directions. Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy, 1(3), 470-495.

4. Shopon, M., Hsu, G. S. J., & Gavrilova, M. L. (2022). Multi-view Gait Recognition on Unconstrained Path Using Graph Convolutional Neural Network. IEEE Access.


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4. Mahmud, A., Adnan, M. A.,& Shopon, M. (2018, April). An incremental clustered gradient method for wireless sensor networks. In 2018 21st Saudi Computer Society National Computer Conference (NCC) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

5. Ahmed, S., Islam, M., Hassan, J., Ahmed, M. U., Ferdosi, B. J., Saha, S., & Shopon, M. (2019). Hand sign to Bangla speech: A deep learning in vision based system for recognizing hand sign digits and generating bangla speech. arXiv preprint arXiv:1901.05613.

6. Shopon, M., Diptu, N. A., & Mohammed, N. (2020). End-to-End Optical Character Recognition Using Sythetic Dataset Generator for Noisy Conditions. In Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence (pp. 515-527). Springer, Singapore.

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8. Nishat, Z. K., & Shopon, M. (2019, September). Synthetic Class Specific Bangla Handwritten Character Generation Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks. In 2019 International Conference on Bangla Speech and Language Processing (ICBSLP) (pp. 1-5). IEEE.

9. Shopon, M. (2020). Bidirectional LSTM with Attention Mechanism for Automatic Bangla News Categorization in Terms of News Captions. In Electronic Systems and Intelligent Computing (pp. 763-773). Springer, Singapore.

10. Karim, M. A., Razin, M. J. I., Ahmed, N. U., Shopon, M., & Alam, T. (2021). An Automatic Violence Detection Technique Using 3D Convolutional Neural Network. In Sustainable Communication Networks and Application (pp. 17-28). Springer, Singapore.

11. Hossain Sani, S., Shopon, M., Hossain Khan, M., Hasan, M., & Mridha, M. F. (2020, November). Short-term and Long-term Air Quality Forecasting Technique Using Stacked LSTM. In 2020 the 6th International Conference on Communication and Information Processing (pp. 165-171).

12. Sani, S. H., Shopon, M., & Rakib, S. H. (2021). Air Quality Index Prediction Using Azure IoT & Machine Learning for Smart Cities. In Proceedings of International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Data Science and Cloud Computing (pp. 721-733). Springer, Singapore.

13. Shahin, M. M. H., Ahmmed, T., Piyal, S. H., & Shopon, M. (2020, June). Classification of bangla news articles using bidirectional long short term memory. In 2020 IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP) (pp. 1547-1551). IEEE.

14. Shopon, M., Yanushkevich, S., Wang, Y., & Gavrilova, M. Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Reliable Gait-based Human Recognition, IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Systems (IEEE ICAS 2021).

15. Lin, Y. H., Tang, C. H., Chen, Z. T., Hsu, G. S. J., Shopon, M., & Gavrilova, M. (2021, September). Age-Style and Alignment Augmentation for Facial Age Estimation. In International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (pp. 297-307). Springer, Cham.

16. Sultana, N., Mridula, D. T., Sheikh, Z., Iffath, F., & Shopon, M. (2022). Dense Optical Flow and Residual Network-Based Human Activity Recognition. In New Approaches for Multidimensional Signal Processing (pp. 163-173). Springer. 

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