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Ted Horbulyk

  • Associate Professor Emeritus of Economics

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Not currently teaching any courses.

Current Research

Ted Horbulyk is an economist with significant field experience applying economic methods to water resource issues and other environmental challenges across the developing world. He has specialized training in environmental economics and development economics, combined with extensive professional experience in public policy, governance, project design and management. His research interests include environmental economics, agricultural and resource economics, cost-benefit analysis and public policy. Ted’s expertise in program and project evaluation is founded on academic research and teaching in cost-benefit analysis, combined with developing country application of results-based management and project evaluation. His work on public policy has also examined public pensions, income stabilization, market regulation, and biotechnology.

About Me

Ted Horbulyk is an associate professor emeritus of economics at the University of Calgary. He held a full-time appointment from 1989-2015. During that time, he served as co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics (1995-98); as project supervisor for the university’s Community Health Development Project in mid-western Nepal (1997-2001); and as a charter trustee, vice-chair, then chair of the Board of Trustees of the Universities Academic Pension Plan (1997-2006). Nationally, Ted was a founding participant in a number of research consortia, including the Canadian Water Network, the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research, and the Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network. Internationally, he served as a participating researcher in the Central American Water Resource Management Network (1999-2014); as a resource person for the Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia (2003-16); and as a non-resident International Scholar in Economics at the National University of Mongolia (2006-08). He has held visiting appointments at universities in Australia, El Salvador, Norway, and elsewhere in Canada.

At the University of Calgary, Ted has taught more than ten distinct economics courses, and designed and introduced undergraduate courses in cost-benefit analysis and water resource economics and policy. He has been research supervisor or examiner for numerous graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

As an emeritus scholar, Ted accepted an appointment to lead the economics research group based at the International Water Management Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka (2015-18). In 2019, he was appointed a continuing, part-time member of Canada’s Competition Tribunal, with responsibility to adjudicate cases brought in such areas as corporate mergers and monopoly behaviour. For the period 2020-22, Ted was a member of a United Nations working group that that examined social responses to drought. He serves as a part-time advisor or consultant to a number of clients, principally on issues of economic development and policy.

Honours Conferred

Ted is a recipient of the Norman A. Berg Fellowship in Public Conservation Policy from the Soil and Water Conservation Society (1995). He was admitted to the Honour Roll of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (1999) and to the Order of the Good Servant by the University of Calgary Faculty Association (2003).


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