University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch Interests
Photograph of Mahesh AcharyaMahesh AcharyaHealth Economics, Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics
Photograph of Panayiotis AfxentiouPanayiotis AfxentiouEconomic Growth, Public finance
Photograph of Sana AhmadkhaniSana AhmadkhaniElectricity Markets and Restructuring, Energy Economics, Applied Econometrics
Photograph of Eugene BeaulieuEugene BeaulieuEconomic development, Commercial policy, International Trade
Photograph of Jeffrey Robert ChurchJeffrey Robert ChurchCompetition Policy, Regulatory Economics, Industrial Organization
Photograph of I. Daria CrisanI. Daria CrisanPublic Economics, Fiscal federalism
Photograph of B. Curtis EatonB. Curtis EatonApplied Microeconomics, Applied Game Theory, Evolutionary Economics, Industrial Organization
Photograph of Muna EshebaMuna EshebaMacroeconomics, Monetary and Financial Economics, Applied Econometrics
Photograph of Kent FellowsKent FellowsEnergy Economics, Public finance, Regulatory Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Computational Economics, Industrial Organization
Photograph of James GaisfordJames Gaisfordsafeguard (anti-surge) measures, anti-dumping and countervailing duties, labour and environmental standards, climate change policy in a trading world, intra-industry trade liberalization and the environment, intra-industry trade liberalization and wage inequality, international trade and economic development, International trade theory and policy, trade-related aspects of intellectual property, agricultural trade, foreign aid, economic espionage, trade sanctions
Photograph of Aidan HollisAidan HollisElectricity Markets and Restructuring, Pharmaceutical Markets, Industrial Organization
Photograph of Ted HorbulykTed HorbulykCost-benefit analysis, Agricultural, environmental and resource economics, Water resource economics and policy, Applied welfare economics, Economic development, Public finance and public policy
Photograph of Eric JungEric JungMonetary and Financial Economics, Monetary policy, Macroeconomics
Photograph of Ronald D. KneeboneRonald D. KneeboneMacroeconomic aspects of public finances, Fiscal federalism
Photograph of Jean-William LalibertéJean-William LalibertéLabour Economics, Public Economics, Applied Econometrics, Economics of education
Photograph of Mingshan LuMingshan LuDesign and Impacts of Health Care Payment Systems, Economics of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, Health Sector Reform in China, Health Care Financing and Economic Incentive, Health Economics, Fund Allocation and Risk Adjustment in Health Care, Disparities/Inequalities in Health and Health Care
Photograph of Arvind MagesanArvind MagesanPolitical Economy, Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
Photograph of Robert L. MansellRobert L. MansellAlberta Economy, Economic / Financial and Cost-Benefit Analyses, Economic Evaluation of Regulatory Issues, Regional Development, Negotiation related to contract abrogation, expropriation etc., Damage / Loss Valuations For Litigation, Fiscal Issues, Regional Modelling and Forecasting, Adjustment and Disparities
Photograph of Kenneth James McKenzieKenneth James McKenzieEnvironmental and Natural Resource Economics, Public Economics, Public finance and public policy
Photograph of Lucija MuehlenbachsLucija MuehlenbachsWater resource economics and policy, Environmental, resource, and energy economics, Electricity Markets and Restructuring
Photograph of Arthur Novaes de AmorimArthur Novaes de AmorimApplied Econometrics, Labour Economics, Environmental Economics
Photograph of Robert OxobyRobert OxobyBehavioural Economics and Economics Psychology, Political Economy and Social Theory, Microeconomics and Applied Game Theory
Photograph of Sakib RahmanSakib RahmanPublic finance and public policy, Health Economics
Photograph of John RowseJohn RowseComputational Economics, Computational Optimization and Economic Applications, Long Term Allocation of Canadian Natural Gas, Energy Economics
Photograph of Abraham Saucedo CepedaAbraham Saucedo CepedaExperimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Development Economics
Photograph of Ronald SchlenkerRonald SchlenkerEnergy Economics, Introductory and Intermediate Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Theory, Regional Economics of Alberta
Photograph of Apostolos SerletisApostolos SerletisMacroeconometrics, Energy Economics, Monetary and Financial Economics, Nonlinear and Complex Dynamics
Photograph of Blake ShafferBlake ShafferClimate Change Economics, Electricity Markets and Restructuring, Energy Economics
Photograph of Mallika SharmaMallika SharmaClimate Change Economics, Energy Economics, Natural Resource & Environmental Economics
Photograph of Stefan StaubliStefan StaubliLabour Economics, Public Economics, Applied Econometrics
Photograph of Atsuko TanakaAtsuko TanakaLabour Economics, Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics
Photograph of Lindsay TeddsLindsay TeddsPublic Economics, Tax Policy, Corporate Taxation and Comparative Tax Systems, Political Economy, Public finance and public policy, Income Inequality, Public Economics, Economic growth
Photograph of Trevor TombeTrevor TombeMacroeconomics, Fiscal federalism, International Economics, Economic Growth and Development
Photograph of Aashay TripathiAashay TripathiPolitical Economy, Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics
Photograph of Kunio TsuyuharaKunio TsuyuharaIncome Distribution and Inequality, Macroeconomics, Labour Economics, Unemployment
Photograph of Pierre TuPierre TuEconomics of Human Resources: Education, Manpower Training and Migration, Mathematical Economics, Development Economics
Photograph of W. D. WallsW. D. WallsEnergy Economics, Transport Economics, Economics of Motion-Picture Industry, Gambling Industry
Photograph of Jean-Francois WenJean-Francois Weneconomics of crime, Economic growth, Income Distribution and Inequality, Public finance and public policy
Photograph of Elizabeth Anne WilmanElizabeth Anne WilmanEnvironmental and Natural Resource Economics
Photograph of Jennifer WinterJennifer WinterEconomic History, Natural Resource & Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, Alberta Economy, Environmental and Resource Issues, Environmental Economics, Economic / Financial and Cost-Benefit Analyses, Climate Change Economics
Photograph of Akio YamazakiAkio YamazakiClimate Change Economics, Environmental, resource, and energy economics, Economic Growth, Development Economics, Public Economics
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