University of Calgary

Publications - 1993


A Fish is a Fish is a Fish: Testing for Long-Run Equilibrium on the Paris Fish Market

Atkins, Frank

Efficiency Effects of Premium-Setting Regimes Under Workers' Compensation: Canada and the United States

Bruce, Christopher and Atkins, Frank

Intellectual Property Rights and Technological Innovation in Agriculture

Horbulyk, Ted

Neutral Ex Ante Income Taxation in the Presence of Adjustment Costs and Risk

McKenzie, Kenneth James

On Output Price Uncertainty and the Comparative Statics of Industry Equilibrium

Horbulyk, Ted

Participatory Stabilization and the Firm's Response to Price Uncertainty

Horbulyk, Ted

Pipeline access and market integration in the natural gas industry: Evidence from cointegration tests

Walls, W. D. and De Vany, A.

Potential to Sequester Carbon in Canadian Forests: A Comment

Horbulyk, Ted and Ross, William A

Research and Development and Product Obsolescence

Boyce, John, Gregory E. Goering and James Collins

Strike Duration and Strike Size

Harrison, Alan and Stewart, Mark

The Canadian Real Wage Phillips Curve: A Sectoral Shift Interpretation

Atkins, Frank

The Role of Premium Setting Practices in the Deterrence of Workplace Accidents Under Worker's Compensation

Atkins, Frank
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