University of Calgary

Publications - 1994


A cointegration rank test of market linkages with an application to the US natural gas industry

Walls, W. D.

Allocation of Goods by Lottery

Boyce, John

Is Strike Behavior Cyclical?

Harrison, Alan and Stewart, Mark

Natural gas industry transformation, competitive institutions, and the role of regulations: Lessons from open access to US natural gas markets

De Vany, Arthur and Walls, W. D.

North-South Trade and the Environment

Taylor, M. Scott and Copeland, Brian

Once-off and Continuing Gains from Trade

Taylor, M. Scott

Price convergence across natural gas fields and city markets

Walls, W. D.

Refundability and the Incentive Effects of Flowthrough Shares

McKenzie, Kenneth James

Some New Hopf Bifurcation Theorems at Simple Eigenvalues

Tu, Pierre and Tan, N.X.

The Implications of Risk and Irreversibility for the Measurement of Marginal Effective Tax Rates on Capital

McKenzie, Kenneth James

Trips, Trade and Growth

Taylor, M. Scott
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