University of Calgary

Publications - 1995


An econometric analysis of the market for natural gas futures

Walls, W. D.

Clearing the Air: Vehicular Emissions Policy for Hong Kong

Rusco, Franklin W. and Walls, W. D.

Computing Optimal Allocations for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Natural Resource Models

Rowse, John

Dividend Taxation and Equity Value: The Canadian Tax Changes of 1986

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Thompson, A.

Dynamical Systems: An Introduction with Applications in Economics and Biology

Tu, Pierre

Second revised and enlarged edition (314 pages), Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg 1997, second printing 1995; First edition (252 pages), Sprinter-Verlag 1992. Japanese edition (with some addition), translated by R. Nagata et al., edited by Kanouchi, Tokyo, published by Bunkashobo Hakubunsha Inc., Tokyo 1997.


Economic Perspectives on Water Conflicts in Thailand

Flatters, Frank and Horbulyk, Ted

Human Capital, Optimal Education Tax and Economic Growth in an Overlapping Generations Model.

Tu, Pierre

Imperfect Competition, Concentration and Growth with Firm-specific R&D

Smulders, Sjak and van de Klundert, Th.

Integrated Water Management and the Treatment of Regulatory Takings: The Case of Canada's Water Allocation Reform

Horbulyk, Ted

International Migration: Welfare and Distribution, in O.J. Hui, C.K. Bun, and C.S. Beng.

Tu, Pierre

Interprovincial Reallocation of Market Sharing Quota for Industrial Milk

Ewasechko, Ann C. and Horbulyk, Ted

Optimal Capital Accumulation in a Fishery: A Nonlinear Irreversible Investment Model

Boyce, John

Random Walks, Breaking Trend Functions, and the Chaotic Structure of the Velocity of Money

Serletis, Apostolos

Subjective Judgments By Climate Experts

Keith, David and Morgan, M.G.

The Choice of Policy Instruments in Canadian Television Programming

Correll, Ronald J. and Horbulyk, Ted

The Economics of Employment and Earnings, second edition

Bruce, Christopher

The Emerging New Order in Natural Gas: Markets versus Regulation

De Vany, Arthur S. and Walls, W. D.

The Impact of the Capital Gains Exemption on Capital Markets

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Thompson, A.

The Provincial Distribution of Federal Fiscal Balances

Mansell, Robert L. and Schlenker, Ronald

Trade and Transboundary Pollution

Taylor, M. Scott and Copeland, Brian
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