University of Calgary

Publications - 1996


An Economic Analysis of the Fisheries Bycatch Problem

Boyce, John

An Economic Analysis of the Recreational King Salmon Fishery on the Gulkana River, Alaska

Boyce, John, R. Craig Layman and Keith Criddle

Are Tax Incentives Biased Against Small Firms in Thailand?

Wen, Jean-Francois, Boadway, Robin and Flatters, Frank

Bose-Einstein dynamics and adaptive contracting in the motion picture industry

De Vany, A. and Walls, W. D.

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't: An Option Value Approach to Evaluating the Government Subsidy of the CPR Mainline

Emery, Herbert and McKenzie, Kenneth James

Flowthrough Shares: Premium-Sharing and Cost Effectiveness

McKenzie, Kenneth James, Jog, V.M. and Lenjosek, G.J.

North-South Knowledge Spillovers and Competition; convergence versus divergence

Smulders, Sjak and van de Klundert, Th.

Pests: Sustained Harvest versus Eradication

Wilman, Elizabeth Anne

Risky Business? Nonactuarial Pricing Practices and the Financial Viability of Fraternal Sickness Insurers

Emery, Herbert

Tax Incentives of a Durable Goods Monopolist

Boyce, John and Gregory E. Goering

The Economic Effects of Dividend Taxation, Technical Committee on Business Taxation Working Paper 96-7

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Thompson, Aileen

The law of one price in a network: Arbitrage and price dynamics in natural gas city gate markets

Walls, W. D. and De Vany, A.

The Role of Economic Instruments to Resolve Water Quantity Problems

Adamowicz, Wiktor L. and Horbulyk, Ted

Transitional Impacts of Environmental Policy in an Endogenous Growth Model

Smulders, Sjak and Bovenberg, A.L.
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