University of Calgary

Publications - 1998


Abuse of Dominance under the 1986 Canadian Competition Act

Church, Jeffrey Robert and Ware, Roger

Capital Taxation, Political Instability, and Growth

Wen, Jean-Francois and Devereux, M.B.

Forest Harvesting to Optimize Timber Production and Water Runoff

Rowse, John and Center, Calum

Fossil fuels without CO2 emissions

Keith, David and Parson, E.A.

International Evidence on the Neutrality of Money

Serletis, Apostolos and Koustas, Zisimos

International Principal Agent Contracts to Limit Global Warming

Wilman, Elizabeth Anne in in Designing Institutions for Environmental and Resource Management, E.T. Loehman and D.M. Kilgour (eds.)

"On the Development of Growth Theory",

Ponsko, Pawel, , Makarski, Krzysztof and Weretka, Marek

On the Evolutionary Dynamics of Crime

Wen, Jean-Francois, Cressman, R. and Morrison, W.G.

Rent Seeking In Natural Resource Allocations

Boyce, John

Riding Free on the Signals of Others

Roberts, Joanne, Kim Alexander-Cook and Dan Bernhardt

Tax Reforms in a Monetary Economy

Wen, Jean-Francois and Love, D.R.F.

The Evolution of Communication in a Sender/Receiver Game of Common Interest with Cheap Talk

Eaton, B. Curtis and Arifovic, Jasmina

The Simple Economics of Easter Island: A Ricardo-Malthus Model of Renewable Resource Use

Taylor, M. Scott and Brander, J.

The Stabilizing Features of Fiscal Policy in Canada

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Kneebone, R. D. in Courchene, T. and Wilson, T. Fiscal Targets and Economic Growth

Welfare Gains from Potential Water Markets in Alberta, Canada

Horbulyk, Ted and Lo, Lynda J in K. William Easter, Mark W. Rosegrant and Ariel Dinar, (eds.) Markets for Water: Potential and Performance
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