University of Calgary

Publications - 2000


Does a Renewable Natural Resource Usually Have Many Near-Optimal Allocation Paths?

Rowse, John

Employee Takeovers: Contracting Out at Parks Canada

Bruce, Christopher in Terry L. Anderson and Alexander James, eds. The Politics and Economics of Park Management

Evolutionary and Dynamic Stability in Symmetric Evolutionary Games with Two Independent Decisions

Wen, Jean-Francois, Cressman, R. and Gaunersdorfer, A.

Foreign Aid and Export Promotion with Technology Transfer and Learning

Gaisford, James and Benarroch, M.

Geoengineering the Climate: History and Prospect

Keith, David

Industrial Organization: A Strategic Approach

Church, Jeffrey Robert and Ware, Roger

Inflation Indexing of Capital Gains Taxes: An Examination of the Economic Implications

McKenzie, Kenneth James

“Investigation of Electricity Production System and Comparative Analysis of Economic Efficiency of Thermal Power Plants in Iran”, Published by The Research Institute of Energy and Environment, Energy Department, Iran’s Energy Ministry, Iran Oct.

Khademvatani, Asgar

Limiting Biotechnology: Information Problems and Policy Responses

Gaisford, James and Plunkett, M.D.

Martingales, Nonlinearity, and Chaos

Barnett, William A. and Serletis, Apostolos

Provincial Tax Policies in a Global and National Economy: What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

McKenzie, Kenneth James

Replacing the Alberta Personal Income Tax with a Sales Tax: Not Heresy but Good Economic Sense, Canada West Foundation.

McKenzie, Kenneth James

Standard Mortality Ratios in Capitation Funding Models: The Distribution of Resources in Ontario

Roberts, Joanne, Kelly Bedard and John Dorland

Strategy and Incentives in the Compulsory Licensing of Intellectual Property in Agriculture (Chapter 18)

Horbulyk, Ted in Lesser, W.H. Transitions in Agbiotech: Economics of Strategy and Policy, Proceedings of NE-165 Conference, June 24-25, 1999

Systems Competition, Vertical Merger, and Foreclosure

Church, Jeffrey Robert and Gandel, Neil

Taxing Hydroelectric Rents in Ontario

Wen, Jean-Francois and Gillen, D.

Terms of Trade Shocks, Labour-Market Adjustment and Safeguard Measures

Gaisford, James and Leger, L.A.

The Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and Labour Market Adjustment in Canada

Beaulieu, Eugene

The Case For and Against Import Embargoes on Products of Biotechnology

Gaisford, James and Lau, C.

The Efficiency of ITQs in the Presence of Production Externalities

Boyce, John

The Theory of Monetary Aggregation.

Barnett, William A. and Serletis, Apostolos

The TRIPS Disagreement: Should GATT Traditions Have Been Abandoned?

Gaisford, James and Richardson, R.S.
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