University of Calgary

Publications - 2001


Applied Microeconomics Theory: Selected Essays of B. Curtis Eaton

Eaton, B. Curtis

A Tragedy of the House of Commons: Political Institutions and Fiscal Policy Outcomes from a Canadian Perspective, CD Howe Institute Benefactors Lecture

McKenzie, Kenneth James

Common and Private Values of the Firm in Tax Competition

Wen, Jean-Francois and Scoones, D.

Divisionalization and Cournot Competition Yield Bertrand Outcomes

Yuan, Lasheng

Economic Analysis for International Trade Negotiations: The WTO and Agricultural Trade

Gaisford, James and Kerr, W.A.

Electoral and Partisan Cycles in Fiscal Policy: An Examination of Canadian Provinces

Kneebone, Ronald D. and McKenzie, Kenneth James

Export-Promoting Production Subsidies and the Dynamic Gains from Experience

Benarroch, M. and Gaisford, James

Imperfect Intersectoral Labour Mobility and Welfare in International Trade

Gaisford, James and Leger, L.A.

Intra-Industry Trade Liberalization: Why Skilled Workers in Most Countries Resist Protectionism. Mid-West International Economics Association Conference; State College, Pennsylvania; October

Gaisford, James, Beaulieu, E. and Benarroch, M.

Is Free Trade Good for the Environment

Taylor, M. Scott, Antweiler, W. and Copeland, Brian

Know-How Sharing with Stochastic Innovations

Eaton, B. Curtis and Eswaran, Mukesh

Lifting the Alaskan oil export ban: An intervention analysis

Bausell, C., Rusco, F. and Walls, W. D.

Loss of Technological Leadership of Rentier Economies, a two-country endogenous growth model

Smulders, Sjak and van de Klundert, Th.

Most Favored Nation: Building a Framework for Smart Economic Policy

Mintz, Jack

North American Integration and Plant Closures in Ontario

Beaulieu, Eugene

On the Efficacy of Construction Site Safety Inspections

Auld, Christopher

Pork Packers, Reciprocity and Laurier's Defeat in the 1911 General Election

Beaulieu, Eugene

Sinks, Energy Crops, and Land Use: Coherent Climate Policy Demands an Integrated Analysis of Biomass

Keith, David

Taxing Business: A Provincial Affair?, CD Howe Institute Commentary

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Bird, Richard

The Accumulation of Public Debt in Canada

Kneebone, Ronald D. and Leach, J.

The Economics of Biotechnology

Gaisford, James, Hobbs, J.E., Kerr, W.A., Perdikis, N. and Plunkett, M.D.

Re-published, Chinese Edition, Shanghai People’s Publishing House.


The Social Cost of Labor in Rural Development: Job Creation Benefits Re-examined

Horbulyk, Ted

Trade Agreements in the Americas: Regionalism Converging to Globalization

Beaulieu, Eugene
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