University of Calgary

Publications - 2003


An equilibrium analysis of information aggregation and fluctuations in markets with discrete decisions

Beaudry, Paul and Gonzalez, Francisco M.

Attitudes and Allocations: Status, Cognitive Dissonance and the Manipulation of Preferences

Oxoby, Robert

Bioprospecting and Biodiversity Contracts

Wilman, Elizabeth Anne and Mulholland, D.W.

Biotechnology, TRIPS and Developing Countries. Seventh International Conference on Biotechnology, International Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology Research; Ravello, Italy; June-July

Gaisford, James, Hobbs, J.E. and Kerr, W.A.

Bounds Tests of the Gibson Paradox and the Fisher Effect: Evidence from Low-Frequency International Data

Atkins, Frank

Choices, Beliefs, and Infectious Disease Dynamics

Auld, Christopher

Contracting Productivity Growth

Roberts, Joanne and Patrick Francois

Corporate Tax Harmonization in the European Union: The Use of Allocation

Mintz, Jack and J. Weiner

Deadlock in Geneva: the Battle over Agricultural Export Subsidies

Gaisford, James and Kerr, W.A.

Economic Analysis for EU Accession Negotiations: Agri-Food Issues in the EU’s Eastward Expansion

Gaisford, James, Kerr, W.A. and Perdikis, N.

Evolutionary Stability in the Investment-Opportunism-Retaliation Game

Eaton, B. Curtis and Morrison, William

Grants Structure and the Intergovernmental Fiscal Game

Wen, Jean-Francois and Snoddon, T.

“On the Altruism, Spitefulness and Equality in Social Preferences”

Ponsko, Pawel

Regulating the Ultimate Sink: Managing the risks of geologic CO2 sequestration

Keith, David, Wilson, E.J. and Johnson, T.L.

Relationships, Commitment, and Labour Productivity Growth

Roberts, Joanne and Patrick Francois

Removing the Shackles: Some Modest, and Immodest, Proposals for Paying for Cities in Alberta

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Kneebone, R.D. in Boothe, P. Paying for Cities

Rethinking Hydrogen Cars

Keith, David and Farrell, Alexander E.

Risk Aversion and Debt Maturity Structure

Fernández-Ruiz, Jorge and Garcia-Medina, B. Cecilia

Risk Selection and Matching under Performance-Based Contracting

Lu, Mingshan, Ma, Ching-to Albert and Yuan, Lasheng

Specification Issues and Confidence Intervals in Unilateral Price Effects Analysis

Church, Jeffrey Robert, Capps, O. Jr. and Love, H.A.

Strategic Incentives of Divestiture of competing Conglomerates

Yuan, Lasheng and Tan, Guofu

The changing direct cost medical care for patients with HIV/AIDS: 1995-2001

Auld, Christopher

The Evolution of Preferences and Competition: A Rationalization of Veblen's Theory of Invidious Comparisons

Eaton, B. Curtis and Eswaran, Mukesh

The impact of energy conservation on technology and economic growth

Smulders, Sjak and de Nooij, M.

Trade and the Environment: Theory and Evidence

Taylor, M. Scott and Copeland, Brian

Unemployment Insurance Savings Accounts in Latin America: Overview and Assessment

Ferrer, Ana and Riddell, Craig
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