University of Calgary

Publications - 2005


Agricultural Biotechnology: Issues and Opportunities for Brazil-Canada Cooperation

Gaisford, James and Tavares, E. in Gaisford, James and Kerr, W.A. Trade Negotiations in Agriculture: A future Common Agenda for Brazil and Canada

A Race to the Bottom in Provincial Business Taxation in Canada?

McKenzie, Kenneth James in Harrison, Katheryn Racing to the Bottom? Provincial Interdependence in the Canadian Federation

Assessing Ontario's Fiscal Competitiveness

Mintz, Jack and Duanjie Chen

Biotechnology Issues in Western Hemisphere Trade in Agriculture

Gaisford, James and Kerr, W.A. in Jank, M. Agricultural Trade Liberalization: Policies and Implications for Latin America

Capital Mobility and Tax Competition

Mintz, Jack, Clemens Fuest and Bernd Huber

Causal effect of early initiation on adolescent smoking patterns

Auld, Christopher

Climate strategy with CO2 capture from the air

Keith, David, Ha-Duong, Minh and Stolaroff, Joshuah K.

"Energy, Fiscal Balances and National Sharing", Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy (ISEEE) Research Report

Schlenker, Ronald

Free Trade and Global Warming: A Trade Theory View of the Kyoto Protocol

Taylor, M. Scott and Copeland, Brian

Governance of Electricity Transmission

Boyce, John and Aidan Hollis

Governments, Banks and Firms; The Case of Privatization in China

Roberts, Joanne, Loren Brandt and Hongbin Li

Incomplete Information and Migration: The Grass is Greener Across the Higher Fence

Eaton, B. Curtis and Allen, Jeremiah

Insecure property and technological backwardness

Gonzalez, Francisco M.

Markets, Policy and the Allocation of Water Resources Among Sectors: Constraints and Opportunities

Horbulyk, Ted

Measuring the Impact of Changes in Graduated Licensing Laws: The Case of California

Atkins, Frank

Modeling heavy tails and skewness in film returns

Walls, W. D.

The average of box-office revenue is dominated by extreme outcomes, with most films earning little and most revenues flowing to a few blockbusters. In this paper the skewness and heavy tails of film returns are formally modelled using skew-Normal and skew-t distributions. Logarithmic skew-Normal and skew-t models of the distribution of box-office revenue are fitted conditional on star actors and directors, budget, release pattern, genre, rating, and year of release. The estimates show significantly more skewness and heavier tails than the log-Normal distribution. It is also found that a wide theatrical release has a much smaller impact on box-office revenue when heavy tails and skewness are explicitly modelled.


Modeling movie success when `nobody knows anything': Conditional stable-distribution analysis of film returns

Walls, W. D.

Partisan Competition, Growth, and the Franchise

Oxoby, Robert and Llavador, Humberto

Platform Competition in Telecommunications

Church, Jeffrey Robert and Gandal, N. in Handbook of Telecommunications, Volume 2. M.Cave, S. Majumdar, and I. Vogelsang eds

Rational Bubbles or Persistent Deviations from Market Fundamentals?

Koustas, Zisimos and Serletis, Apostolos

Reflections on the Political Economy of Fiscal Federalism in Canada, CD Howe Institute Working Paper

McKenzie, Kenneth James

Schooling, cognitive ability, and health

Auld, Christopher

Signaling, Inequality and the Social Structure

Ferrer, Ana

Smoking, Drinking, and Income

Auld, Christopher

Tax Subsidies for R&D in Canadian Provinces

McKenzie, Kenneth James

The Impact of Vertical and Conglomerate Mergers on Competition

Church, Jeffrey Robert

Trade Negotiations in Agriculture: A Future Common Agenda for Brazil and Canada

Gaisford, James and Kerr, W.A.

Uemployment Insurance and Experience Rating: Insurance versus Efficiency

Roberts, Joanne and Steeve Mongrain

Using extreme value theory to model electricity price risk with an application to the Alberta power market

Walls, W. D. and Zhang, W.

Will the Kyoto Protocol be Good for the Environment? Implications for Agriculture

Gaisford, James and Pancoast, R.D.
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