University of Calgary

Publications - 2009


A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Selection of Fishing Area by Basque Trawlers

Prellezo, Raúl, Lazkano, Itziar, Santurtun, Marina and Iriondo, Ane

"Downtown Parking in Auto City,"

Rowse, John and Arnott, Richard

“Economic Impacts of the Petroleum Industry in Canada,”

Co-Authors at CERI and Khademvatani, Asgar

Economics of food energy density and adolescent body weight

Auld, Christopher and Powell, L.M.

Efficiency and Productivity of the U.S. Banking Industry, 1998-2005: Evidence from the Fourier Frontier Function Satisfying Global Regularity Condition

Feng, Guohua and Serletis, Apostolos

“Energy Efficiency Convergence across a Sample of U.S. Industrial Sectors, 1958-2000: Energy Shadow Value Approach,”

Khademvatani, Asgar

Environmental Crises: Past, Present, and Future

Taylor, M. Scott

Environmental Economics and Policy: Canadian Edition

Tietenberg, Tom, Wilman, Elizabeth Anne and Tracey, Peter

Fiscal Retrenchment and Social Assistance in Canada

Kneebone, Ronald D. and White, Katherine G.

Hollywood Models

Walls, W. D.

Macroeconomics, 5th Canadian Edition

Kneebone, Ronald D., Abel, A. and Bernanke, B.

Marriage Market Imbalances and Labor Force Participation of Canadian Women

Ferrer, Ana and Emery, Herbert

Natural gas and electricity markets

Walls, W. D. in Evans, J. and Hunt, L. International Handbook on the Economics of Energy

Nonparametric reanalysis of movie profitability

Walls, W. D.

In this paper we use nonparametric statistical tools to quantify motion-picture profit. We quantify the unconditional distribution of profit, the distribution of profit conditional on stars and sequels, and we also model the conditional expectation of movie profits using a nonparametric data-driven regression model. The flexibility of the nonparametric approach accommodates the full range of possible relationships among the variables without prior specification of a functional form, thereby capturing nonlinearities and interactions without introducing possible specification bias. We find that marginal returns to budgets and opening screens vary over the domain of these variables. We also find that the conditional distribution of movie profit and the expected level of profit are related to the use of movie stars and sequels.


Oil industry consolidation and refined product prices: Evidence from US gasoline terminals

Walls, W. D. and Kendix, M.

Our objective in this paper is to quantify the impact of petroleum industry consolidation on refined product prices, controlling for other important factors that could also impact prices. Our empirical analysis focuses on the US petroleum refining industry using data on industry consolidation and wholesale gasoline prices collected over the interval 2000–2008. We match refinery units to wholesale city-terminal gasoline markets, and then estimate pooled cross-section time-series regressions to quantify the impact of petroleum industry consolidation on wholesale gasoline prices at city-specific terminals. The results of the empirical analysis of mergers are mixed, showing that some petroleum industry mergers resulted in statistically significant increases in refined product prices; others resulted in statistically significant declines and still others had no statistical impact at all. Our analysis of the effects of measures of market concentration—one at the level of city-specific wholesale terminals and another at the level of regional spot markets—found evidence that less concentrated markets are associated with lower price levels.


Petroleum refining industry in China

Walls, W. D.

The oil refining industry in China has faced rapid growth in oil imports of increasingly sour grades of crude with which to satisfy growing domestic demand for a slate of lighter and cleaner finished products sold at subsidized prices. At the same time, the world petroleum refining industry has been moving from one that serves primarily local and regional markets to one that serves global markets for finished products, as world refining capacity utilization has increased. Globally, refined product markets are likely to experience continued globalization until refining investments significantly expand capacity in key demand regions. We survey the oil refining industry in China in the context of the world market for heterogeneous crude oils and growing world trade in refined petroleum products.


Plea Bargaining with Budgetary Constraints

Roberts, Joanne and Mongrain, Steeve

Robust analysis of film earnings

Walls, W. D.

This article applies recently developed nonparametric kernel regression estimation methods to quantify the conditional distribution of motion picture earnings. The nonparametric, data-driven approach allows the full range of relations among variables to be captured, including nonlinearities that usually remain hidden in parametric models. The nonparametric approach does not assume a functional form, so specification error is not an issue. This study finds that the nonparametric regression model fits the data far better than the logarithmic regression model employed by most applied researchers; it also fits the data much better than a polynomial regression model. The nonparametric model yields substantially different estimates of the elasticity of box-office revenue with respect to production budgets and opening screens, and the model also has very good out-of-sample predictive ability, making it a potentially useful tool for studio management.


Robust analysis of movie earnings

Walls, W. D.

Screen wars, star wars, and sequels: Nonparametric reanalysis of movie profi tability

Walls, W. D.

Soft budget constraints in China: Evidence from the Guangdong hospital industry

Eggleston, Karen, Shen, Yu-Chu, Lu, Mingshan, Li, Congdong, Wang, Jian, Yang, Zhe and Zhang, Jing

Trade, Tragedy and the Commons

Copeland, B.R. and Taylor, M. Scott

Well-Being and Affluence in the Presence of a Veblen Good

Eaton, B. Curtis and Mukesh Eswaran

When the Elephant Sneezes: Implications of U.S. Fiscal Policy for Canada's Competitiveness

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Mintz, Jack in Hampson, Fen, Robertson, Colin and Burney, Derek From Correct to Inspired: A Blueprint for Canada-U.S. Engagement
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