University of Calgary

Publications - 2011


Addressing Environmental Problems with Market Based Incentives

Wilman, Elizabeth Anne in H. Bougrine, I. Parker and M. Seccareccia Introducing Microeconomic Analysis

A Hotelling Style Model of Spatial Competition for Convenience Goods

Eaton, B. Curtis and Jesse Tweedle

Assessment of Personal Injury Damages, 5th Edition

Bruce, Christopher, Rathje, Kelly and Weir, Laura

Association of child and adolescent psychiatric and physical healthcare utilization and cost: A population-based case comparison

Cawthorpe, D, Wilkes, T. C. R., Guyn, Lindsay, Li, Bing and Lu, Mingshan

Biofuels policy and the US market for motor fuels: Empirical analysis of ethanol splashing

Walls, W. D., Rusco, F. W. and Kendix, M.

Buffalo Hunt: International Trade and the Virtual Extinction of the North American Bison

Taylor, M. Scott

Canadian Agricultural Biotechnology Clusters: Innovation and Performance

Gaisford, James, Kerr, W., Phillips, P. and Ryan, C. in Duhamel, M. and Chen, Z. Industrial Economics and Performance in Canada: Empirical Evidence and Policy Challenges

Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils

Wilman, Elizabeth Anne

Exploration and Development of U.S. Oil and Gas Fields, 1955-2002

Boyce, John and Linda Nostbakken

Gender Culture and Gender Gap in Employment

Campa, Pamela, Casarico, A and Profeta, P

Intra-Industry Trade Liberalization: Why Skilled Workers are More Likely to Support Free Trade

Gaisford, James, Beaulieu, E. and Benarroch, M.

Is a negative correlation between resource abundance and growth sufficient evidence that there is a `resource curse'?

Emery, Herbert

Is a Negative Correlation Between Resource Abundance and Growth Sufficient Evidence that There Is a `Resource Curse'?

Boyce, John and J. C. Herbert Emery

Microeconomics, Eight Edition Prentice Hall,

Eaton, B. Curtis, Allen, Douglas and Eaton, Diane
Image of Negotiated Settlements and Intergenerational Equity in the Pipeline Services Market: Borrowing from Pete Jr. to Pay Paul Sr.

Negotiated Settlements and Intergenerational Equity in the Pipeline Services Market: Borrowing from Pete Jr. to Pay Paul Sr.

Fellows, Kent

Negotiated Settlements with a Cost of Service Backstop: The consequences for depreciation.

Fellows, Kent

Optimal Policies with an Informal Sector

Roberts, Joanne, Cuff, Katherine, Marceau, Nicolas and Mongrain, Steeve

Optimal Water Allocation under Short-run Water Scarcity in the South Saskatchewan River Basin

Cutlac, I.M. and Horbulyk, Ted

Plucking the Golden Goose: Higher Royalty Rates on Oil Sands Generate Significant Government Revenue, SPP Communique

McKenzie, Kenneth James

'Tariff Structure, Trade Expansion and Canadian Protectionism from 1870-1910'

Cherniwchan, Jevan and Beaulieu, Eugene

'We employ the Anderson-Neary Trade Restrictiveness Index (TRI) to examine Canadian trade policy during the first wave of globalization (1870-1913). Our analysis is the first to examine two important features of this period using the TRI: 1) the shift to protectionist trade policies, and 2) the large expansion in the volume and variety of goods traded. Using customs data on imports at the article level, we show that Canadian trade policy during this period was at least 11% more restrictive than previously understood. We compute the first estimates of the static welfare losses associated with tariff policy at this time to be 0.7-1.5% of GDP. Moreover, we show how trade expansion along the extensive margin affects the restrictiveness and welfare cost associated with a given trade policy.'


The Impact of Sub-Metering on Condominium Electricity Demand

Dewees, Don and Tombe, Trevor

The Tricky Art of Measuring Fossil Fuel Subsidies, SPP Research Paper 4(13)

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Mintz, J.M.

"Us" and "Them": The origin of identity and its economic implications

Eaton, B. Curtis, Mukesh Eswaran and Robert Oxoby

What explains the poor performance of Australian films at the Australian box office?

J. McKenzie and Walls, W. D.
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