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Publications - 2012


Accreditation Requirements and the Speed of Labour Market Adjustment in Canadian Building Trades

Emery, Herbert and Patrick Coe

Canadian Economics in Decline: Implications for Canada’s Economics Journals

Emery, Herbert and Wayne Simpson

Canadian Tax Policy

McKenzie, Kenneth James, Mintz, Jack and Kerr, Heather

Economic Growth, Industrialization, and the Environment

Cherniwchan, Jevan

Externality Regulation in Oil and Gas

Boyce, John

Growing Old Before Growing Rich: Inequality in health service utilization among the mid-aged and elderly in Gansu and Zhejiang Provinces, China

Wang, Yang, Wang, Jian, Maitland, Elizabeth, Zhao, Yaohui, Nicholas, Stephen and Lu, Mingshan

Household Food Insecurity and Heating Cost Inflation in Canada, 1998-2001

Emery, Herbert, Aaron C. Bartoo, Jesse Matheson, Ana Ferrer, Sharon Kirkpatrick, , Valerie Tarasuk and Lynn McIntyre

Interfuel Substitution

Serletis, Apostolos

Long-Term Consequences of Natural Resource Booms for Human Capital Accumulation

Emery, Herbert, Ana Ferrer and David Green

Management Matters

Alexopoulos, Michelle and Tombe, Trevor

Negotiated Settlements with a Cost of Service Backstop: Long term profits and costs

Fellows, Kent

Oil Price Uncertainty

Serletis, Apostolos

Prediction and Inference in the Hubbert-Deffeyes Peak Oil Model

Boyce, John

Prevention and Risk Adjustment

Eggleston, Karen, Ellis, Randall and Lu, Mingshan

Property Rights out of Anarchy? The Demsetz Hypothesis in a Game of Conflict

Boyce, John and David M. Bruner

Proportional Water Sharing vs. Seniority-Based Allocation in the Bow River Basin of Southern Alberta

He, Lixia, Horbulyk, Ted, Ali, Md. Kamar, Le Roy, Danny G. and Klein, K.K

Public Finance in Canada,4th edition (2012)

Wen, Jean-Francois, Rosen, H. and Snoddon, T.

Rehabilitated or Not: An Informational Theory of Parole Decisions

Roberts, Joanne, Bernhardt, Dan and Mongrain, Steeve

Should income transfers be targeted or universal? Insights from public pension influences on elderly mortality in Canada, 1921–1966

Emery, Herbert and Jesse Matheson

Taxes on Employment and Self-Employment

Wen, Jean-Francois and James Yager

Tax Policy in the 21st Century

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Kerr, Heather in McKenzie, Kenneth James, Mintz, Jack and Kerr, Heather Canadian Tax Policy

The Big and Small of Tax Support for R&D in Canada, SPP Research Paper 5(22)

McKenzie, Kenneth James

The changing role of Hollywood in the global movie market

Walls, W. D. and McKenzie, J.

The changing role of Hollywood in the global movie market

Walls, W. D. and McKenzie, J.

Does Hollywood dominate world cinema markets with American taste, culture, and values through the exportation of films produced mainly for its domestic (US and Canada) market? Or does Hollywood supply the films that world audiences demand and, because of the logistics of distribution, screen these films first in the domestic market prior to exhibition in foreign markets? In this article, the authors empirically analyzed the global market for motion pictures to provide statistical evidence that can speak to these questions. They examined data on nearly 2,000 films exhibited from 1997–2007, inclusive, in the United States and Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom—markets that today collectively account for over 75% of worldwide cinema box-office revenue. The empirical evidence provides support for the hypothesis that the supply of Hollywood films has accommodated global demand as the relative size of the U.S. domestic market has decreased. There is no evidence that box-office success in the United States creates a contagion that spreads to other film exhibition markets; however, box-office success in international markets appears to be less uncertain for films that have been successful in their U.S. releases.


The Impact of Entitlements and Equity on Cooperative Bargaining: An Experiment

Bruce, Christopher and Clark,Jeremy

The Use of Coercion in Society: Insecure Property Rights, Conflict and Economic Backwardness

Gonzalez, Francisco M.

The Use of Collaborative Bargaining in Agricultural Policy-Making

Bruce, Christopher

Transitions in the Chinese market for refined petroleum products

Walls, W. D., Leung, G. and Li, R.

China's rapidly rising crude oil consumption has been a cause of concern, both for China's own energy security and the effects this rising demand has on world oil markets. However, one must disaggregate the domestic Chinese demand for petroleum products to reveal what sort of policy options might be sensible. In this research, we provide a simple empirical characterisation of recent transitions in China's market for refined petroleum products. This study discusses the factors that affect the demand for various petroleum products to enhance our understanding of China's oil economy. Policy options currently being considered by China's leaders are discussed in light of our empirical findings.


Transitions in the Chinese Market for Refined Petroleum Products

Walls, W. D., Leung, G. and Li, R.
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