University of Calgary

Publications - 2015


A hierarchical network formation model

Atabati, Omid and Farzad, Babak

A strategic model for network formation

Atabati, Omid and Farzad, Babak

A Theory of Top Income Taxation and Social Insurance

Gonzalez, Francisco M. and Wen, Jean-Francois

A Theory of Top Income Taxation and Social Insurance

Wen, Jean-Francois and Gonzalez, Francisco

Business Taxation in Canada

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Taylor, Charles in McKenzie, Kenneth James, Mintz, Jack and Kerr, Heather Canadian Tax Policy

Economics of motion pictures: The state of the art

Chisholm, D., Fernandez-Blanco, V., Ravid, S. A. and Walls, W. D.

Environmental Policy and Misallocation: The Productivity Effect of Intensity Standards

Tombe, Trevor and Winter, Jennifer

Highway subfranchising and tolling competition

Walls, W. D. and Yuan, Lasheng

Modeling outcomes of approaches to sustained human and snow leopard coexistence

Wilman, Elizabeth Anne and Wilman, Elspeth Nina

More water please, it's getting hot! The effect of climate on residential water demand.

Zapata, Oscar

Newton’s First Law as Applied to Pharmacies: Why Entry Order Matters for Generics.

Shajarizadeh, Ali, Grootendorst, Paul and Hollis, Aidan

Ontario's Debt Balloon: Source and Sustainability

Wen, Jean-Francois

Politico-Economic Regimes and Attitudes: Female Workers Under State-Socialism

Campa, Pamela and Serafinelli, Michel

This paper investigates the extent to which attitudes are affected by political regimes and government policies, and the channels of influence. We focus on gender-role attitudes and female attitudes toward work, exploiting the imposition of state-socialist regimes across Central and Eastern Europe, and the fact that the new regimes encouraged women’s employment, for both ideological and instrumental reasons. We use two different identification strategies and datasets. First, we take advantage of the German partition into East and West after 1945 and restricted-access information on place of residence to execute a spatial regression discontinuity design. We find more positive attitudes toward work in the sample of women who used to live in East Germany. In terms of channels, we find evidence that the experience of employment, arguably one of the very few positive aspects of living under state-socialism in East Germany, changed women’s attitudes. We do not find similar evidence for the role of propaganda. Second, we employ a difference-in-differences strategy that compares attitudes formed in Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs) and Western European Countries (WECs), before and after the imposition of state socialism in CEECs. Gender-role attitudes formed in CEECs during the state socialist period appear to be significantly less traditional than those formed in WECs. Overall, our study addresses previous identification and data limitations and finds that attitudes are profoundly affected by politico-economic regimes.


Price-Cap Regulation, Uncertainty and the Price Evolution of New Pharmaceuticals

Shajarizadeh, Ali and Hollis, Aidan

Quality Disploruse Programs and Internal Organizational Practices: Evidence from Airline Flight Delays

Forbes, Silke, Lederman, Mara and Tombe, Trevor

Refining for export and the convergence of petroleum product prices

Zavaleta, A., Walls, W. D. and Rusco, F. W.

The Capital Structure of a Firm Under Rate of Return Regulation: Durability and the Yield Curve

Fellows, Kent

The Distribution of Income Taxes/Transfers in Canada: A Cohort Analysis, SPP Research Paper 8(5)

McKenzie, Kenneth James, Mintz, Jack M. and Crisan, Daria

The Environmental Conundrum of Rare Earth Elements

Wen, Jean-Francois and Rui Wan

The GST and Financial Service: Pausing for Perspective

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Firth, Michael in Mintz, Jack and Richardson, Stephen After Twenty Years: The Future of the Goods and Services Tax

The Missing Food Problem: Trade, Agriculture, and International Productivity Differences

Tombe, Trevor

User Costs, the Financial Firm, and Monetary and Regulatory Policy

Isakin, Maksim and Apostolos Serletis

We construct bank-level user costs of five financial goods using data on the U.S. commercial banks over the 1992 to 2013 period. Then we estimate the demand/supply system derived from bank variable profit function. We use the results to analyze the effect of key monetary policy instruments and financial regulation on the banking firm.

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