University of Calgary

Publications - 2016


Does Technology Transfer Help Small and Medium Companies? Empirical Evidence from Korea.

Kim, Dae-Hwan, Sambou, Matarr and Jung, Moo-Sup

Elephants and Mammoths

Farah, Naima and Boyce, John R

Environmental Tax Shift: Arguments for Using Revenue from a Carbon Tax to Reduce Existing Taxes, Revenue Recycling Position Paper, Canada's Ecofiscal Commission.

McKenzie, Kenneth James

File Sharing and Film Revenues: Estimates of Sales Displacement at the Box Office

McKenzie, J. and Walls, W. D.

Going Dutch? The Impact of Falling Oil Prices on the Canadian Economy

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Carbone, J.

Income Instability and Social Insurance

Wen, Jean-Francois and Garcia-Medina, Cecilia

Inside the Black Box: Marginal Effective Tax Rates in Canada - A Primer

McKenzie, Kenneth James

Internal Trade, Productivity, and Interconnected Industries: A Quantitative Analysis

Tombe, Trevor and Albrecht, Lukas

It's Not a Job Killing Policy - The Case of BC's Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax.

Yamazaki, Akio

Lifting the Hood on Alberta's Royalty Review, University of Calgary School of Public Policy Briefing Paper Series, Vol. 9, Issue 7

Shaffer, Blake

Make the Alberta Carbon Levy Revenue Neutral, SPP Briefing Paper 9(15)

McKenzie, Kenneth James

Principles of Economics, Seventh Canadian Edition

Kneebone, Ronald D., McKenzie, Kenneth James and Mankiw, N. Gregory

Sectoral Interfuel Substitution in Canada: An Application of NQ Flexible Functional Forms

Jadidzadeh, Ali and Serletis, Apostolos

Shale oil boom and the profitability of US petroleum refiners

Walls, W. D. and Zheng, Xiaoli

The Challenge of Integrating Renewables in the Alberta Electricity Market, University of Calgary School of Public Policy Summary Paper, Vol. 9, Issue 25

Shaffer, Blake, Michal Moore and G Kent Fellows

The Corporate Income Tax in Canada: Past, Present and Future

McKenzie, Kenneth James

The Political Economy of Free Allocations, Ecofiscal Commission Series on Carbon Pricing Revenue Recycling

Shaffer, Blake, Purdon, Mark and Houle, David
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