University of Calgary

Publications - 2017


All’s Well that Ends Well: Addressing End-of-Life Liabilities for Oil and Gas Wells

Shaffer, Blake, Dachis, Ben and Thivierge, Vincent

“An Earned Presence: Studying the Effect of Multi-task Improvisation Systems on Cognitive and Learning Capacity,” with Pil Hansen, Connection Science, 2017, 29(1): 77-93.

Oxoby, Robert

Big and Little Feet: A Comparison of Provincial Level Consumption- and Production-Based Emissions Footprints

Fellows, Kent and Sarah Dobson

“Can Interaction Be the Primary Focus of In-group Biases?” with David B. Johnson, Global Economic and Management Review, 2015, 20(1): 1–5.

Oxoby, Robert

Dose Increase Beyond Labelled Dose of Biologic Treatments In Psoriasis Patients: A Real-World Study In Sweden

Sharma, Anuj

Embodied Emissions in Inputs and Outputs: A Value-Added Approach to National Emissions Accounting

Fellows, Kent and Sarah Dobson

Fast,slow and adaptive management of habitat modification-invasion interactions: woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus)

Wilman, Elizabeth Anne and Wilman, Elspeth Nina

How Does the U.S. Natural Gas Market React to Demand and Supply Shocks in the Crude Oil Market?

Jadidzadeh, Ali and Serletis, Apostolos

“Incremental Willingness to Pay: A Theoretical and Empirical Exposition,” with Karine Lamiraud and Cam Donaldson, Theory & Decision, 2016, 80(1): 101-123.

Oxoby, Robert

Jobs and Climate Policy: Evidence from British Columbia's Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax

Yamazaki, Akio

“Music Improvisation, Identity and Embodied Cognition,” forthcoming in Performing the Remembered Present: the Cognition of Memory in Dance, Theatre, and Music, B. Blessing and P. Hansen (eds.)

Oxoby, Robert

Public-Interest Benefit Evaluation of Partial Upgrading Technology.

Fellows, Kent, Robert Mansell, Ron Schlenker and Jen Winter

Tax Penalties on Fluctuating Incomes: Estimates from Longitudinal Data

Wen, Jean-Francois and Daniel Gordon

The Ground Rules for Effective OBAs: Principles for Addressing Carbon-Pricing Competitiveness Concerns through the Use of Output-Based Allocations

Fellows, Kent, Sarah Dobson, Trevor Tombe and Jen Winter

The Ground Rules for Effective OBAs: Principles for Addressing Carbon-Pricing Competitiveness Concerns through the Use of Output-Based Allocations”

Winter, Jennifer, Trevor Tombe, Sarah Dobson and G. Kent Fellows

The Incidence of the Corporate Income Tax on Wages: Evidence from Canadian Provinces

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Ferede, Ergete

Water Policy in Canada

Horbulyk, Ted in Steven Renzetti and Diane P. Dupont Water Policy and Governance in Canada

Who Pays the Corporate Tax? Insights from the Literature and Evidence for Canadian Provinces, SPP Research Paper 10(6)

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Ferede, Ergete

Wild Bootstrap Inference for Wildly Different Cluster Sizes

Webb, Matthew and James G. MacKinnon
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