University of Calgary

Publications - 2018


Analysis of skewness preference for horse track gamblers in Hong Kong and Japan

Walls, W. D. and Harvey, P. J.

An Overview of Global Liquefied Natural Gas Markets and Implications for Canada.

Fellows, Kent, Jen Winter, Sarah Dobson, Dexter Lam and Paul Craig

Economic loss analysis to Prince Edward Island resulting from a prolonged closure of the Confederation Bridge

Fellows, Kent, Michelle Patterson, Amy MacFarland, Lukas Marriott, Andrew Carrothers and Juergen Krause

"Final and Unalterable"—But Up for Negotiation: Federal-Provincial Transfers in Canada

Tombe, Trevor

Groundwater arsenic in Bangladesh: What's new for policy research?

Balasubramanya, Soumya and Horbulyk, Ted

Impacts Assessments without True Baselines: Assessing the Relative Effects of Training on the Performance of Water User Associations in Southern Tajikistan

Balasubramanya, Soumya, Price, Joseph P.G. and Horbulyk, Ted

Navigating Real World Evidence in Oncology – Where to Go and Why

Sharma, Anuj

Oil Price Shocks and the Credit Default Swap Market

Dai, Wei and Serletis, Apostolos

On the Labor Market Consequences of Environmental Taxes

Yip, Chi Man

Opening Canada's North: A Study of Trade Costs in the Territories.

Fellows, Kent and Trevor Tombe

Pricing Reforms for Sustainable Water Use and Management in the Philippines

Horbulyk, Ted and Price, Joseph P.G

Pricing Reforms for Sustainable Water Use and Management in Vietnam

Horbulyk, Ted and Price, Joseph P.G

The Economics of Telecommunications in Canada: A Backgrounder

Fellows, Kent and Mukesh Khanal

The Potential for Canadian LNG Exports to Europe.

Fellows, Kent, Jen Winter, Dexter Lam, Paul Craig and Sarah Dobson

Thrivers and Divers: Using Non-Academic Measures to Predict College Success and Failure

Beattie, Graham, Laliberté, Jean-William and Oreopoulos, Philip

Valuing Anti-Piracy Technology in the Motion-Picture Industry

Walls, W. D.
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