University of Calgary

ENGG 319 - Probability And Statistics For En - Fall 2011

Presentation and description of data, introduction to probability theory, Bayes theorem, discrete and continuous probability distributions, estimation, sampling distributions, tests of hypotheses on means, variances and proportions, simple linear regression and correlation. Applications are chosen from engineering practice.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(3-5/2T)


  • Credit towards degree requirements will be given for only one of Anthropology 307, Applied Psychology 301/303, Engineering 319, Political Science 399, Psychology 312, Sociology 311, Statistics 201/211, 213/217, 333, 357; that one being a course appropriate to the degree program. Not open to students with credit in Biomedical Engineering 319.


  • Applied Mathematics 219.


This course will be offered next in Summer 2012.
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