University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch Interests
Photograph of Amirhossein AhmadiAmirhossein AhmadiForecasting, Renewable Energies Integration, Deep Learning
Photograph of Ahmed Al-ShafeiAhmed Al-ShafeiApplications of Machine Learning, Optimization and Evolutionary Computation to Software Engineering, Optimization, Robust Optimization, Stochastic Programming, and Optimization Under Uncertainty, Distributed Computing, Renewable Energies Integration
Photograph of Shafie BahmanShafie BahmanMachine Learning, Deep Learning, Signal Processing, Forecasting, Renewable Energies Integration
Photograph of Leonid BelostotskiLeonid BelostotskiMicrowave Engineering and Radio Systems, Electronics, VLSI Circuit Design
Photograph of Vahid DehghanianVahid DehghanianWireless Positioning, Signal Processing, Wireless Communication, Digital Signal Processing Techniques as applied to Wireless Communications
Photograph of Fadhel GhannouchiFadhel GhannouchiAdvanced RF and Microwave Instrumentation and Measurements, Modeling of Devices, Circuits and Systems, Digital Signal Processing Techniques as applied to Wireless Communications, Power Amplifiers and Linearization Techniques, Advanced RF Front-End Design, Transceivers Design and Optimization
Photograph of Fahimul HaqueFahimul HaqueElectronics, Computer Vision, Wireless Sensor Networks, Signal and Image Processing, Robotics, Wireless Positioning, Embedded Systems
Photograph of Shoaib HussainShoaib HussainOptimization, Machine Learning, Renewable Energies Integration
Photograph of Yani IoannouYani IoannouNeural Networks, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Optimization, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Photograph of Seyed Pouyan (Yani) JazayeriSeyed Pouyan (Yani) JazayeriEngineering Education
Photograph of Jonathan KwanJonathan KwanWireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Communication
Photograph of Mostafa MohamedMostafa MohamedIntelligent Software Systems, Big Data Analytics, Distributed Computing, Distributed Computing, Medical Device Development, Embedded Systems, Hardware Acceleration, Medical Image Processing
Photograph of Hossein Mohammadi RouzbahaniHossein Mohammadi RouzbahaniRenewable Energies Integration, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Photograph of Kartikeya MurariKartikeya MurariOptical Imaging, Biomedical Engineering, VLSI Circuit Design
Photograph of Amrit PaudelAmrit PaudelRenewable Energies Integration
Photograph of Esmaeil Shakeri Esmaeil Shakeri Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Medical Image Processing, Deep Learning
Photograph of Alexander SheldonAlexander SheldonMicrowave Engineering and Radio Systems, Electronics
Photograph of Peng Seng Benjamin TanPeng Seng Benjamin TanVLSI Circuit Design, Embedded Systems, Hardware Acceleration
Photograph of Hamidreza ZareipourHamidreza ZareipourOperation and Management of Deregulated Electricity Markets
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