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Maurice Yacowar

  • Professor Emeritus Eng/Film Studies

Professional Description

You might say I'm an example of what happens to someone who majors in English at the U. of C. For better or worse. I did my BA when Calgary was still UAC, a branch of the University of Alberta. In fact, my first year of university was our last year on the SAIT campus. We moved to the new campus, i.e., McMahon Stadium, the Admin and Science buildings, and no trees or grass – for my second year. That's when I grabbed the distinction of being both the founding editor of The Gauntlet and the first editor to be fired.

After graduating in 1962, I did my MA at Alberta (1965, "The Earl of Rochester's Recastings of Other Writers") and my Ph.D. at The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, UK (1968: "John Lyly and the Uses of Irony"). I went on to teach at Brock University, where I helped establish Canada's first Film Studies degree program, and to an administrative position at The Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design before returning (at last!) to UC in 1995.

Selected Publications

Hitchcock's British Films, Second Edition, Wayne State University Press, 2010
Roy and Me: This is Not a Memoir
, Athabasca University Press, 2010
Mondays with Moishe,, 2009
The Great Bratby: A portrait of John Bratby, Middlesex University Press, 2008
The Sopranos: Season Seven,, 2007
The Sopranos on the Couch: Analyzing TV's Greatest Series (Continuum, New York, London, June, 2002; expanded edition, 2003)The Bold Testament (Novel), Bayeux Arts, 1999
The Films of Paul Morrissey, Cambridge University Press, Fall, 1993; Spanish edition, 1999
Studies in International Cinema, B.C. Open University telecourse, 1992
Loser Take All: The Comic Art of Woody Allen, Frederick Ungar, 1979; expanded edition, Continuum Press, 1991.
Method in Madness, St. Martin's Press, 1981; expanded edition published in London by W.H.Allen as The Comic Art of Mel Brooks, 1982
I Found It At The Movies, Revisionist Press, 1978
Tennessee Williams and Film, Frederick Ungar, 1977
Hitchcock's British Films, Shoestring Press, 1977
No Use Shutting the Door, Fiddlehead Poetry Books, 1971

Laser Disc critical editions:
Blood for Dracula (Paul Morrissey), Criterion Collection, laser disc 1996; DVD 1998
Flesh for Frankenstein (Paul Morrissey), Criterion Collection, laser disc 1996; DVD 1998
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Don Siegel), Criterion Collection, laser disc 1987 

Selected papers:
"Choice Films About the Holocaust," Queen's Quarterly, Fall, 2002, pp. 431-40
"Oscars Unbound: Woody Meets his Maker,"
 Queen's Quarterly, Summer, 2002, pp. 232-45
"Film Springs Eternal,"
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 Queen's Quarterly, Spring 2000, pp. 86-100.
"Run Lola Run: Renn for Your Life,"
 Queen's Quarterly, Winter, 1999, pp. 557-65.
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"Negotiating the Loner," 
Queen's Quarterly, Winter, 1998, pp. 543-55.
"Thirteen Ways of Looking at The Truman Show,"
 Queen's Quarterly, Fall, 1998, pp. 422- 33.
"Primary Colors: Beyond Willy,"
 Queen's Quarterly, Summer, 1998, pp. 229-239.
"Reconstructing Woody,"
 Queen's Quarterly, Spring, 1998, pp. 94-104.
"An Expatriate's Film: Facing Face/Off,"
 Queen's Quarterly, Fall, 1997, pp. 469-77.
"Against the Hollywood Grain: Trainspotting and Brassed Off!,"
 Queen's Quarterly, Summer, 1997, pp. 232-42.
"Love vs. Honour: Donnie Brasco and Sling Blade,"
 Queen's Quarterly, Spring, 1997, pp. 57-69.
"The Postman Rings Last", 
Queen's Quarterly, Summer, 1995, pp. 465-75.
"Forrest Gump: Rejecting Ideology," 
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"A Memoir: The Movie," 
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"Packaging the Random," 
Queen's Quarterly, Fall, 1993, pp. 675-88.
"Neil Jordan's Viewing Game," 
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"Re-Membering the Western: Unforgiven," 
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Photograph of Maurice Yacowar


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