University of Calgary

ENGO 423 - Geodesy - Winter 2024

Introduction to geodesy, its principles, tasks and applications. Measurements and methods for geodetic positioning. Rotation and orientation of the Earth including elements from rotational dynamics. The gravity field and the geoid in science and engineering. Elements from potential theory, vector calculus, Gauss divergence, Green's theorems, boundary value problems. The normal field. Gravimetry and gravimetric measurements. Gravity reductions, isostasy. Geoid determination, Stokes's formula, the remove-restore method, least-squares collocation. Vertical positioning and height datums and systems. Fundamentals of Earth's figure and gravity field estimation using perturbations of orbits of satellites and planets. Principles and applications of satellite gravimetry and satellite altimetry.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(3-3)


  • Geomatics Engineering 421.


  • Geomatics Engineering 327 or Electrical Engineering 327.


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